Hedge Fund Awards 2016

Hedge Fund Awards 2016 27 Check Fund Manager offers a comprehensive menu of research services to help our clients tailor their due diligence investigations to their needs. Our US-based manager reports include very detailed write-ups of biographical, criminal, civil, regulatory, education, corporate, property and lien/bankruptcy records. Our clients can also choose report options that provide full proprietary media summaries, Freedom of Information Act inquiries, and in-depth employment verifications, which focus on exposing gaps and misrepresentations. Check Fund Manager operates a world-wide network of on-site investigators to perform detailed international research. We provide up-front consultation to help our clients learn what information is available in their countries of interest. When a subject has history in multiple countries, we can construct custom solutions for our clients to help them obtain detailed information from around the globe. The quality of our research not only drives our success, it is the crux of the value and the service that we provide to our customers. The risk factors revealed in our reports can be critical to decisions regarding major investments, as demonstrated by our history of helping clients steer away from investments that were compromised. Check Fund Manager’s independent boutique structure, along with our custom technology, makes us very nimble in terms of delivering out-of-the-box solutions. Many of our current offerings were developed because our customers expressed a need for services that were not satisfactorily provided elsewhere. Our network of contacts and accreditations, along with our close client relationships and awareness of industry news and trends, helps us anticipate developments that will best serve our clientele in the future. We developed our flexible service model to be very responsive to customer needs and styles. Clients can operate as independently as they would like, via our on-line tools, or they are welcome to utilize our account managers to assist with any aspect of our services. Very frequently clients ask us to provide significant research in very short time frames and we go out of our way to accommodate them so that they may present details to their investment committees within their very tight deadlines. Check Fund Manager differentiates itself in many ways that bring significant value to our clients. Our free WatchList™ service notifies our clients of new negative findings that we uncover on their managers as a result of subsequent investigations. Also, our database of existing reports is of extraordinary value to our clients because of the depth and breadth of information it contains (including historical and expunged records), the immediacy of customer access, and the significant savings. Another critical difference is that one experienced researcher conducts each investigation in its entirety, which produces more thorough results than splitting up research among multiple departments. Check Fund Manager has demonstrated many instances where controversial findings were only uncovered as the result of a dedicated investigator being able to piece together a critical larger picture by recognizing the importance of seemingly insignificant information from disparate sources. We also pride ourselves on discovering and reporting detrimental information before it becomes public. We always hope to forge long term relationships with our clients and employees. Many customers have been with us for the better part of a decade, or longer, which speaks to both the results we deliver for them and the level of personalized service we provide. We are also very fortunate to have an extraordinary staff retention rate, ensuring our clients benefit from highly trained, experienced and dedicated investigators. Check Fund Manager envisions that investors will need to be kept apprised of manager issues more frequently, and that is why we have developed our Ongoing Monitoring service. We re-investigate managers monthly and present the findings via streamlined technology that helps our clients immediately see which of their managers may be compromised by new “red flags.” Research has revealed that 17% of investigations reveal detrimental information. Check Fund Manager helps to protect the professional reputations and fiduciary responsibility of our clients by creating awareness of risk factors and minimizing exposure to headline and capital risk. Company: Check Fund Manager LLC Name: Guy Simonian, CEO Email: info@checkfundmanager.com Web Address: www.checkfundmanager.com Address: 365 Willard Avenue, Suite 2C Newington, CT 06111 USA Telephone: +1 860-666-9595

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