Hedge Fund Awards 2016

Hedge Fund Awards 2016 25 With a team of nearly 40, Castle Hall operates from offices in Montreal and Halifax in Canada; London in the United Kingdom; Zurich in Switzerland, and Sydney, Australia. This global reach enables us to support interna- tional clients. Castle Hall works with asset owners such as pension plans, endowments, foundations, sovereign wealth funds, financial institutions, family offices, or their advisors, to review and monitor managers and funds across asset classes and trading strategies. The firm is a dedicated operational due diligence consultant and does not manage or allocate capital ourselves, nor do we act as an investment advisor to make investment buy / sell recommendations to our clients. Our industry leading position provides us with a unique overview of our market. Recent trends indicate a growing focus on governance, risk and compliance best practices in investment decision-making and portfolio management by institutional and private investors alike. Allocators seek solutions that allow them to efficiently and effectively select and monitor all third party asset managers across their entire portfolio. Traditional ODD has focused on a schedule of in person diligence meetings, with the output of each ODD cycle often limited to a report memorializing information gathered during each meeting. This process is then repeated every one to three years. Today however, governance, risk and compliance considerations require more con- sistent and dynamic, ongoing operational risk assessment and monitoring. Castle Hall is committed to building a transparent and cost-effective operational due diligence solution that responds to each client’s unique needs. Castle Hall’s core competitive advantage is OpsDiligence, our proprietary online diligence platform, which has helped our clients review diligence across more than 5,000 fund entities. This technology is the next generation in online diligence architecture. The guiding principle of OpsDiligence is flexibility. OpsDiligence allows investors to outsource their dili- gence program in full, co-source a program with Castle Hall in combination with internal diligence, risk and compliance professionals, or simply use Castle Hall’s services on an “as needed” basis. OpsDiligence proce- dures can be applied to any fund: we do not limit coverage to an existing database. OpsDiligence can also be applied across all asset classes - from hedge funds to private equity to long only – and all investment structures, including private funds, regulated, public funds, and managed accounts. With the launch of our OpsMonitor module, Castle Hall is working to take operational due diligence beyond traditional, “snapshot” due diligence to a real time risk management platform: we call this Due Diligence 3.0. Diligence 3.0 introduces a new operating model: the foundation of an effective ODD program is now an active, real time monitoring program, where the annual onsite visit and resulting diligence report is just one tool in a far broader toolbox of diligence procedures. Operational due diligence is a highly specialized and evolving field. Our clients rely on Castle Hall to provide best-in-class services at all times to help them reduce and manage risks. We have remained at the forefront of this industry through decades of experience, significant investment in information technology infrastruc- ture, ongoing internal research and constant monitoring of developments across industry legal, cyber secu- rity, regulatory and best practices issues. In addition, to remain abreast of emerging trends and regulatory developments for allocators and investment managers alike, Castle Hall provides and supports ongoing training and development, both internally and through external programs, to build on the skills and knowledge of our people. Overall Castle Hall has had a successful year, and 2015 has been a year of tremendous growth and accomplishment for the firm. Through the past twelve months we grew our team considerably, expanding office space in Halifax and Montreal. In October we were delighted to receive International Financial Centre accredi- tation to support our ongoing expansion. Looking to the future we will continue to expand our capabilities, capacity and service offerings. In 2016 we look forward to launching the next release of our OpsDiligence platform. In addition, we expect to continue growing our team of dedicated operational due diligence professionals. We seek energetic people for our IT and due diligence teams who thrive in fast paced environments and are dedicated to excellence in their work. Company: Castle Hall Alternatives Name: Christopher J. Addy Email: info@castlehallalternatives.com Web Address: www.castlehallalternatives.com Address: 1080 Beaver Hall, Bureau 904, Montreal, (Quebec), Canada, H2Z 1S8 Telephone: +1-450-465-8880

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