Hedge Fund Awards 2016

http://www.acquisition-intl.com/hedge-fund-awards 110 ~ Best for Customized Lending Solutions - Canada & Best Private Debt Hedge Fund (5 Years): Third Eye Capital Credit Opportunities Fund - Insight Fund Third Eye Capital is known for seeing value in company assets that others miss. They provide innovative and custom- ized lending solutions for companies that have been overlooked or need a lending partner with a different perspec- tive. Chris Vokes, Head of Investor Relations at Third Eye Capital, shared his insights on their award winning service. Third Eye Capital has been providing innovative financing solutions to private and public borrowers in many types of businesses, across different industries, and in various situations since 2005. We specialize in provid- ing debt facilities to primarily middle-market North American companies that are overlooked or underappreci- ated by conventional sources of capital. We have experienced the challenges of financing a business first-hand. Our founders have felt the pain of re- jection from conventional lenders who were unable or otherwise unwilling to see the potential of their ventures. But that also taught us the sources of value creation and recognizing the patterns that can make a business successful. Good companies should not be judged on their financial performance alone. And a company’s most valuable assets often do not appear on the balance sheet. We help businesses monetize their hidden assets with financing that is not just focused on historical earnings. Succeeding in business is not easy even when capital is available. Growing sales, managing costs, and retain- ing people, while trying to innovate and stay ahead of the competition at the same time, can be daunting and downright demanding. At Third Eye Capital we have a team of talented professionals that have a long heritage in private investing and secured lending and possess a business “know-how” that can only be gained through extensive experience in building businesses. We are often told that we are the borrowers firm of choice due to our entrepreneurial decision making, innova- tive structuring and flexible terms, closing certainty and loan stability, improved controls and market visibility and lower total cost for non-bankable borrowers. As we look to the future, we always keep our clients at the forefront of all we do. Investors will need to be- come more discerning as the bull market rally in stocks and bonds matures. Broad allocations to indices was a winning strategy in past years; however, investors have reason to be cautious since the policies that drove asset prices higher are close to an end. Our investment strategy continues to provide investors, regardless of economic conditions, with a non-correlated, low volatility alternative to achieving yield. Company: Third Eye Capital Contact name: Chris Vokes Email: chris@thirdeyecapital.com Web: http://www.thirdeyecapital.com/ Address: Brookfield Place, TD Canada Trust Tower, 161 Bay Street, Suite 3930, Toronto, Ont. M5J 2S1 Telephone: (416) 601-2270 Third Eye Capital

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