Hedge Fund Awards 2016

Hedge Fund Awards 2016 107 ~ Best FX Arbitrage Fund (5 Years): Spectra SPC - Powerfund STI Financial Group (“STI”), founded in 2005, is a fully fledged investment advisory and asset management firm. Wil- liam Kong, from the Hong Kong Office of STI made himself available to explain the global companies service offerings. STI brings unique innovations to the market, providing a wide range of professional financial services to our valued investors. The rapid expansion of STI during the past few years is propelled by cutting edge technology innovations in our proprietary trading systems. We have a strong focus on quantitative strategies and quality researches. The dedicated product development team strives to bring the best in the investment universe to our clients. Additionally, STI provides professional tailor-made investment service and wealth planning solutions to our clients. The company’s motto is “Only the Best (Services) for the Best (Clients).” Our core investment philosophy is based on CPPT (Clients, Products, People and Technologies), which places our valued clients’ interests at the centre. STI acknowledges the client relationship as the core asset of the company and believe that outstanding client services are delivered by outstanding people, excellent products, and cutting edge technologies. Our seasoned investment professionals listen to the needs of our clients. STI believes that attention to our clients’ needs is essential for providing the right products and services. We at STI strive not only to meet but go beyond our clients’ expectations. Globalization brings greater challenges to the financial market. We choose to take an opportunistic view and a proactive stance in the rapidly changing environment, aim at exploiting the opportunities that come along with the challenges. We embrace changes and with the belief that our dedication and commitment to continuous innovation and investment research will pave our way to success. We strive to drive changes, and to position ourselves as a true pioneer in the alternative investment industry. Our passion, dedication and expertise are the essence for us to stay in the forefront in this competitive industry. We have an uncompromising determination to maintain high ethical and professional standards and excellence is the cornerstone of everything we do. Our clients expect to receive the best delivered from us. To ensure this is the case we have become a true pioneer in the alternative investment industry by continuous innovations. To stay at the forefront of our industry, ‘meritocracy’ and ‘diversity’ are the values we prioritise to foster innovation. Advancement depends on merit and we promote diversity; people from different backgrounds and perspectives. We leverage our people at both individual level and as a team. We encourage individual creativi- ty and constantly achieving synergy in teamwork as well. Company: STI Financial Group Contact name: William Kong Email: william.kong@stifg.com Web: www.stifg.com Telephone: +852 3728 2828 STI Financial Group

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