Hedge Fund Awards 2015

Hedge Fund Awards 2015 www.acquisition-intl.com 96 Australia Aon Auscap Long Short Australian Equities Fund Avenir Capital Boronia Capital Pty Ltd Degraves Capital Management Degraves Global Diversified Program GMO Systematic Global Macro Goldleaf Australian Asset Management Limited JBS Investments International Advantage fund KIS Capital Partners LHC Capital Pty Ltd. Macquarie Asian Alpha Fund Merricks Capital Soft Commodities Fund Milestone Group Minter Ellison Monash Absolute Investment Fund  Monash Absolute Return Fund (Wholesale Series) Pacific Fund Systems Ltd Sunsuper Tactical Global Management Limited Zen Capital Management Global Fund  Austria 24FX Global Advisors Ltd. Graf Patsch Taucher Rechtsanwalte Qbasis i Trend Qbasis Invest SMN Investment Services Superfund Blue SPC Class A (Gold) Bahamas Coastal Partners Ltd. Deltec Bank & Trust Limited Deltec Select Fund Limited New Providence Income Fund Ltd Belgium Aphilion Q²  Best for Insurance Due Diligence - Australia Best Long Short Equities Hedge Fund - Australia Best Absolute Return Hedge Fund Manager - Australia Best Short Term CTA - Australia Commodity Trading Advisor of the Year - Australia Best CTA/Managed Futures Hedge Fund - Australia Best Global Macro Hedge Fund - Australia Best Open-Ended Investment Hedge Fund - Australia Best Outperforming Event Driven Hedge Fund - Australia Emerging Absolute Return Management Firm of the Year - Australia Best Research Driven Investment Strategy - Australia Best Pan Asian Quantitative Market Neutral Hedge Fund - Australia Best Soft Commodities Hedge Fund - Australia Most Innovative Financial Software Firm - Australia Best Hedge Fund Law Firm - Australia Emerging Hedge Fund of the Year - Australia Best Long/short Equity Absolute Return Fund - Australia Hedge Fund Administration Platform of the Year - Australia Strongest Performing Super Hedge Fund - Australia Best for Global Tactical Asset Allocation Best Systematic Global Macro Hedge Fund - Australia Currency Hedging Firm of the Year - Austria Hedge Fund Law Firm of the Year - Austria Best Systematic Managed Futures Strategy - Austria Alternative Investment Management Firm of the Year - Austria Independent Financial Services Firm of the Year - Austria Best Equity Market Neutral Hedge Fund - Austria Best for Offshore Hedge Funds - Bahamas Emerging Portfolio Manager of the Year - Bahamas Hedge Fund of the Year - Bahamas Best Real Estate Mortgage Hedge Fund - Bahamas Hedge Fund of the Year - Belgium and the winners are...

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