Hedge Fund Awards 2015

Hedge Fund Awards 2015 www.acquisition-intl.com 89 Global Risk Management Advisors, Inc. (“GRMA”), is the leading risk management advisory and implementation firm that provides asset managers and institutional investors with complete, independent and institutional-quality investment risk management on a managed services basis. GRMA has over 60 clients ranging in size from $50 million to $88 billion AUM with total client assets under advisory exceeding $125 billion. With an average of 25 years’ of front-line experience at top global financial and asset management institutions, GRMA has a team of well-recognized thought leaders and practitioners in risk management. What distinguishes GRMA from other risk service provid- ers is that GRMA goes beyond just measuring risk: they help clients to better manage risks by fully addressing their clients internal and external risk management challenges and needs. For asset managers, GRMA offers clients complete and cost-effective managed services for portfolio risk meas- urement, risk management and all risk-related regulatory and investor reporting. Specifically, GRMA assists Asset Managers in three primary areas: • Risk Measurement and Risk Infrastructure Services – implementation of risk software/systems. Including risk meas- urement, reporting, monitoring and interpretation services. • Risk Management Services – including hedging strate- gies, developing limits, risk policies and procedures, and risk governance. • Risk-based Regulatory and Investor Reporting Services – (e.g., Form PF, CPO-PQR, CTA-PR, AIFMD/ESMA, OPERA). CrescoCap provides Investment Advice to institution- al and sophisticated professional investors seeking enhanced returns in alternative investment strategies, by offering a slate of Foreign Exchange (FX) strate- gies that are traded through Managed Accounts. Our philosophy at CrescoCap is to focus exclusively on the global currency markets and strive to provide a per- sonalised service to our clients using accomplished and verified investment solutions, from our headquar- ters in London under the supervision of the FCA. By focusing exclusively on the global currency markets, our flagship program utilises a multi strategy approach to investing whilst diversifying risk across a spectrum of trading styles and crosses. Defined as being an Absolute Return program the different strat- egies employ techniques including short selling, as well as using leverage to improve the risk to reward profile. The CrescoCap Multi-Strat FX Program sourc- es and allocates to a several external traders that provide stable returns trading unique strategies within a larger portfolio. This style of investing attempts to profit regardless of the market direction, by evaluat- ing individual trading strategies on how they perform over the medium to long term. Based on their trading styles and strategy it is the trader skill that generates returns at a low correlation to benchmark indices. At CrescoCap our ideology is to adopt an independ- ent, dynamic and results-orientated culture with a flexible approach that transcends the traditional role of an investment advisor. We aim to develop a client base that includes institutions, fund of funds and For institutional investors, GRMA provides complete risk analysis, advisory and implementation solutions, for investment risk management in three key focus areas: • Risk Management Framework and Governance – includ- ing enhancing Investment Policy Statements, developing risk policy guidelines and improving risk management governance. • Risk Measurement and Reporting – developing portfo- lio-wide risk measurement reporting that includes both liquid and illiquid investments and performance attribu- tion and benchmarking. • Education and Sounding Board – providing education and training to the investment staff and the Board. Global Risk Management Advisors, Inc. Phone: 212-230-1099 Web: www.grmainc.com Address: 299 Park Avenue, 6th Floor New York, New York, 10171 USA high net worth individuals seeking direct access to ‘Best-of-Breed’ strategies that are executed in trans- parent account structures. Cresco Capital Management (UK) Ltd Address: 21 Arlington Street, London, SW1A 1RN Web: www.crescocap.com Risk Management Advisory Firm of the Year Best FX Strategies - UK CrescoCap Multi- Strat Program

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