Hedge Fund Awards 2015

Hedge Fund Awards 2015 www.acquisition-intl.com 88 Redington is an independent, employee-owned investment consultant to UK pension funds and other long-term savings institutions. A clear, framework-based approach allows consultants to totally focus on each cli- ent’s unique objectives and constraints in order to deliver better outcomes. Founded in 2006, Redington currently has £350bn in assets under consulting and 62 clients. The manager research team’s goal is to know clients’ managers so well that they do not need to. It is vital that clients feel informed and in control, so their governance budget is better spent on the things that matter most. The firm believes that beauty parades and drawn-out manager selection exercises are not the best way to appoint managers. Over the past 18 months, Pete Drewienkiewicz and his team have redesigned Redington’s manager research process from scratch so it best meets the needs of clients. The new process streamlines the practice of both hiring and firing managers. This includes the develop- ment of high-conviction “Preferred Lists” across all strat- egies recommended to clients, use of a proprietary 10 factor screening process to select, assess and monitor managers and an early warning system (“Red Radar”) to flag important developments to both managers and clients. The firm adds that fund manager monitoring by consultants needs to go beyond performance and risk reporting, so it actually helps clients to anticipate issues and engage systematically with managers. Baker Steel Capital Managers has extensive experience in the management of funds, investing in the natural resourc- es, gold and precious metals sectors. Baker Steel Capital Managers’ investment management team is underpinned by strong technical backgrounds in the geo-sciences, mining, geology and engineering. This in-depth understanding of our sectors, combined with the investment expertise of our team, has produced an impressive investment track record. Our fund managers and analysts make regular research trips throughout the world, covering countries as diverse as China, Africa, Canada and Australia, in order to identify investment opportunities with the best growth prospects and fundamental value. This is arguably one of the only teams in the sector with such breadth and depth of experience. Our offices in London and Sydney enable us to carry out research with 24 hour coverage of world markets. We manage substantial assets on behalf of a broad range of financial institutions, wealth managers and professional investors. The Genus Natural Resources Fund: Fund objective Long-biased “best ideas” fund optimising risk-adjusted returns The new process has impressed clients with the clarity and decisiveness of recommendations, with one com- menting how unusual this is in the pension industry. Redington Ltd Address: Austin Friars House, 2-6 Austin Friars, London EC2N 2HD Tel: 020 7250 3331 Web: www.redington.co.uk Investment rationale and approach ● Sector specific directional exposure ● Concentrated portfolio focused on proven stock research and selection process for highest alpha generation ● Flexibility to use cash and commodities to provide portfolio capital protection ● Strong emphasis on identifying value and stock-picking ● Cyclicality of commodities provides additional opportu- nities and the potential for periodic exceptional returns Fund features ● Launched in June 2002 ● A Cayman corporate fund ● Share denomination: Euro and US$ ● Investors: Professional investors only (not US persons or funds accepting US persons) Baker Steel Capital Managers Website: www.bakersteelcap.com Best for Manager Research - UK Best Natural Resources Focused Fund - UK (Genus Natural Resources Fund)

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