Hedge Fund Awards 2015

Hedge Fund Awards 2015 www.acquisition-intl.com 87 Corporate Profile Slater Investments Limited is an investment management company which manages pooled funds and segregated portfolios for institutional pension funds and High Net Worth Individuals. We also manage a hedge fund, Northglen Aggressive. Slater Investments is wholly owned by its directors and staff. The directors and staff have invested a substantial part of their wealth in funds managed by Slater Invest- ments Limited ensuring that our interests are directly aligned with those of our clients. Slater Investments offers a complementary suite of UK equity fund products. The funds share a common focus of protecting against downside risk and a rigorous approach to screening for opportunities and weeding out companies that may disappoint. Our three main funds are MFM Slater Growth, MFM Slater Income and MFM Slater Recovery. Our flagship service is investing in UK equities. The objective is for the core of all portfolios to consist of shares in companies with exciting prospects (above-av- erage, sustainable growth) which can be bought with a significant margin of safety. We also offer private unit trusts to families and high net worth individuals. Slater Investments provides the investment management service whilst Marlborough Fund Managers provides the administrative service. This successful partnership has been in place since 1999. Ebullio manage a range of funds and SPVs focused on commodities and natural resources. We spoke to their Chief Operating Officer & Managing Partner Mark Bayley about their highly skilled and international team of indi- viduals who bring a wealth of experience from some of the best known financial markets firms globally. Our company Ebullio has 6 Managing Partners who bring 95 years of markets experience from different disciplines and geographies. Despite this diverse background, we are united by our team ethos of being committed to Ebullio’s success and therefore to the success of our investors. Ebullio was established in 2007 by Lars H. Steffensen and is based 25 miles east of London in Southend-on- Sea. At the moment, we currently manage 2 commodity futures funds and 4 special purpose vehicles. Our special purpose vehicles include Ebullio Return, Ebullio Invest, Ebullio Partnership and Ebullio West Africa Gold. These funds are structured around our mining assets and have been designed in response to investor demand for ‘coupon-bearing’ investments. Being a resources specialist firm, we have expanded further into the supply chain via Ebullio Resources Ltd., taking direct stakes in mining projects in Turkey and West Africa. For more information, contact: Slater Investments Limited Name: Lisa Letham Tel: 0207 2209365 Email: lisa@slaterinvestments.com Web: slaterinvestments.com Address: Nicholas House, 3 Laurence Pountney Hill, London EC4R 0EU Ebullio Name: Mark Bayley Email: mark@ebullio.co.uk Address: Ebullio House 33 Clarence Street Southend-on-Sea Essex SS1 1BH Telephone: + 44 1702 608 511 Fax: + 44 1702 608 510 Best Small Long/Short Equity Hedge Fund - Cayman Islands (Northglen Aggressive - Slater Investments Limited) Best New Newcomer - Ebullio Far East Commodity Futures Fund

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