Hedge Fund Awards 2015

Hedge Fund Awards 2015 www.acquisition-intl.com 76 Corporate Profile LHC Capital is a specialist investment management company combining a fundamental, research driven investment strategy and a strong capability in risk management with a clear aim of producing absolute returns that are uncorrelated to general market conditions. LHC Capital is a fundamental research driven specialist equity fund manager, established in May 2011, with two key core principals central to how it manages money – capital preservation and high conviction investing. LHC seeks to identify a small number of investment oppor- tunities where it believes it has a strong view that the under- lying cash earnings of a company are significantly different to the view of other market participants, on a three to five year time horizon. LHC also heavily evaluates the quality of the business, capability of management and their economic incentivasation, industry structure and pricing power before making and sizing any investments. The portfolio is built on a bottom up / opportunity driven ba- sis, and the fund notionally targets eight-to-ten long positions and around ten-to-twelve short positions. As research driven high conviction investors, the Fund is naturally highly con- centrated. There are only a small number of truly outstanding opportunities in our investible universe. We work tirelessly to unearth, evaluate and reassess these opportunities and further understand the companies that we own. Our portfolio construction reflects this, with our top five positions account- ing for c.60% of Fund assets. Capital preservation is always at the forefront of our mind. Returns are ultimately driven by risk. We are fastidious in un- Quantitative Equity Strategies, LLC is a global provider of investment consulting services. Based in based in Colorado, USA and Männedorf, Switzer- land, Quantitative Equity Strategies, LLC (QES) offers a suite of rules-based, liquid alternative indices with daily liquidity and transparency. These include the underlying strategies for the Aspen Managed Futures Strategy Fund (MFBTX); the Source Nomura Modelled Private Equity Returns Index UCITS ETF (PERI.LN) ; and the Direxion Synthetic Convertible Strategy Fund (DXCBX). A fund based on the QES Credit Long/Short Index is expected to launch in early 2015. The firm also offers consulting services on traditional equity and fixed income mandates. QES was founded in 2002 by Ben Warwick as a platform for implementing his quantitative investment strategies. He earned an MBA from the University of North Carolina, a BS in chemical engineering from the University of Florida, and additional undergraduate degrees in physics and chemistry. Mr. Warwick is the author of several books on investing, including Searching for Alpha: The Quest for Exceptional Investment Performance (Wiley, 2000). The firm maintains offices in Denver and Zurich. QES is pleased to win the award from Acquisition Interna- tional. “We believe that a low-cost, indexed approach is an efficient way to capture the returns of many alternative strate- gies. Our products are designed to give both institutions and high net worth individuals access to non-traditional returns with daily liquidity. We are thrilled to see the further accept- ance of liquid alternatives in the investment community. QES is committed to developing intelligently-designed products derstanding and selecting the risks that we choose to expose our capital to when we enter into long or short positions. LHC Capital Address: Level 22, 1 Alfred St, Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia Tel: +61 2 8031 7707 Web: www.lhccapital.com that offer investors diversification and performance in today’s challenging economic environment.” Quantitative Equity Strategies, LLC Address: 8822 Ridgeline Boulevard, Suite 220 Highlands Ranch, CO 80129 USA Tel: +1 303 471 0244 Web: www.qesinvest.com Best Research Driven Investment Strategy - Australia Best Quantitative Firm Operating Liquid Alternatives - USA

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