Hedge Fund Awards 2015

Hedge Fund Awards 2015 www.acquisition-intl.com 73 Corporate Profile BULLWEALTH offers individuals and families, not-for-profit organisations and institutions an approach to investment planning and implementation. We are an independently owned investment advisory and consulting firm offering solutions to high net worth families, not-for-profit organizations and institutional investors. Our founding principles are: • To offer clear, independent advice; • To be aligned with your best interests; • To diligently research, select and continuously monitor third party investment managers and solutions; • To construct optimized portfolio asset allocations; • To act with the highest standards of professionalism. Clear, independent advice and true alignment with our client’s best interests are what make us different. BULLWEALTH is compensated only by our clients. We receive no other commissions or fees from any other organization. We do not own, in whole or in part, any of the underlying investment managers we recommend. Our profit- ability is not altered by offering one solution over another. As a result, we are completely aligned with your best interests and have no reason, real or perceived, to provide anything other than clear, independent advice. This alignment allows us to provide: Objective Investment Research & Independent Selection BULLWEALTH diligently researches, selects and continuously monitors investment managers who outperform over the long term and manage their downside risk. Bellevue Asset Management is an independent and highly specialized asset management boutique focused on managing equity vehicles for specific sectors and regions as well as institutional assets. Bellevue Asset Management is a 100% subsidiary of the Bellevue Group which is an independent financial services company listed at the SIX Swiss Stock Exchange. Bellevue Group specializes in brokerage, investment banking and asset management. Originally, focused on managing investment companies, Bellevue Asset Management has transformed into a true asset manager with a full range of products (investment funds, mandates, investment companies, and private equity) providing highly distinctive equity strategies with a core focus on healthcare, New Markets and Entrepreneur and UCITS compliant alternative investments. These Luxembourg Funds are distributed to a full range of clients within key markets in Europe; Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Spain and the United Kingdom. Lucio Soso has managed to BB Global Macro fund since the fund was launched in March 2010, and utilizes a proprietary global macro screening engine to support him to express his market view and to define the most successful top down strat- egies. Risk is an integrated part within the entire investment process. By targeting an explicit risk level on a daily basis the risk profile is maintained over time. The portfolio is mainly invested in liquid assets, the Fund also offers daily liquidity. Lucio’s objective is to generate consistent absolute returns across the economic cycle with a Sharpe ratio >1. Transparency BULLWEALTH provides full consolidated performance report- ing on your portfolio and its underlying investment managers, and fully discloses all compensation we receive. Sophisticated Asset Allocation and Risk Mitigation BULLWEALTH embraces institutional methodologies to con- struct low risk, non-correlated portfolio asset allocation to in- crease expected return without increasing risk, or conversely, to maintain expected return while lowering risk. BULLWEALTH Address: 4100 Yonge Street, Suite 612, Toronto, ON M2P 2B5 Canada Tel: +1 416 223 2053 Fax: +1 416 223 7940 Email: bwmg@bullwealth.com Web: www.bullwealth.com Name: Magnus Nilssen Bellevue Asset Management AG Address: Seestrasse 16, Postfach CH-8700 Küsnacht/Zürich Switzerland Tel: +41 44 267 67 91 Email: mni@bellevue.ch Best Alternative Investment Analysis Firm - Canada Best Alternative UCITS Global Macro Fund - BB Global Macro BULLWEALTH

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