Hedge Fund Awards 2015

Hedge Fund Awards 2015 www.acquisition-intl.com 23 Best for Risk Allocation - Navigator UCITS SICAV PLC – UK, Top Performing Fund: Finex Navigator Futures Fund (UCITS IV) and Best Emerging New Fund (1 Year) – Malta (Finex Navigator) the confidence and trust of our investors. The whole team also firmly believes, both in business and in our personal lives, that we should treat others (and their money) as we would like to be treated.” As for the future, Gebhardt says Finex is looking to America as the place to do business. “We very much like the US at the moment; as a small firm the access you get is unrivalled in Europe. People there still remember that even funds like Winton were stuck at US$1.6m for the first two years. “Europe is in a regulatory and taxation tailspin and the pilot is chatting up the airhostess. “Whilst the UK still offers a small bastion of sanity we firmly believe that investors should prepare themselves for many years of lacklustre returns as profits are diluted to the state and regulators. “Finex sees an opportunity in exchange listed derivatives and the inten- tion is to offer a discretionary futures and options fund to run alongside the systematic futures fund in the medium term. Futures are clean, liquid, easily priced, and available on an almost continuous basis. “More specifically, we see the regulators turning their attention towards the cash foreign exchange market and Finex is already implementing models in exchange listed FX futures in its current portfolios.” n

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