Hedge Fund Awards 2015

Hedge Fund Awards 2015 www.acquisition-intl.com 14 Global Innovation Award for Fund Formation & Most Cost Effective Fund Administrator - Global Stonegate Global Fund Services, winner of two Hedge Fund Awards, offers global fund formation and fund administration, consolidated prime brokerage services and cap intro, coupled with a cost-effective pricing model to hedge funds, venture capital funds, private equi- ty funds, fund of funds, real estate funds, REIT funds, ABL funds and oil and gas funds. We caught up with John McCorvey III, CEO, to find out more about the firm and its recent work Stonegate Global Fund Services is an offshore and domestic alterna- tive investment fund services business focusing on fund formation, fund administration, prime services and capital introduction. The firm specialises in hedge funds, venture capital funds, private equity funds, oil and gas funds, fund of funds, insurance dedicated funds (IDFs), real estate funds, private REIT funds and ABL funds. Stonegate Global works with family offices, traders, and other institutional clients who are interested in forming hedge funds and other alternative investment fund products, and the firm also services existing alternative investment funds and fund managers to provide fund administration and other institutional services. The firm provides full domestic and offshore fund formation and administrative services in numerous offshore jurisdictions across the globe, including Guernsey, Jersey, Cayman Islands, Ireland, Bermuda, BVI, Isle of Man, and Luxembourg. The current business environment in the alternative investments industry is very exciting, says John McCorvey III, Chief Executive Officer at Stonegate Global Fund Services. “The industry is evolving in many ways as technology advancements continue to have an impact: the prime brokerage business continues to change with price compression, lower commissions, liquidity pool and dark pool access; technology and innovation are assisting service providers such as Stonegate Global in streamlining processes, such as consolidated prime brokerage, fund formation and fund administration, and subse- quently passing along significant cost savings to its clients.” Stonegate has changed the way traders, family offices and investment managers create and run hedge funds and other alternative invest- ment vehicles, says McCorvey. “At Stonegate, we provide an efficient, streamlined and cost effective approach to starting a hedge fund or other investment fund vehicle through our Hedge Fund In A Box SM product and our Innovative Alter- native Fund Solutions SM ,” he says. “Our comprehensive solution allows Stonegate to handle all of the minutiae associated with complex fund formation, as well as quarter- backing the set-up process. This allows the fund manager to focus on other key aspects of their launch, such as raising capital. “Additionally, our relationship with BlueFlame Global Wealth Manage- ment, which runs a multi-strategy, multi-manager platform, allows for a “plug and play” approach to establishing, launching, managing and marketing a hedge fund or other alternative investment fund.” Stonegate Global excels in providing its comprehensive solution to alternative investment fund managers. The firm has invested heavily in world-class technology and possesses some of the industry’s most experienced senior management and staff members, he adds. A truly global firm Stonegate services a global client base, and sees opportunities across the globe in the alternative investments industry. “We have noted an increased regulatory environment in the United States over the past few years. However, the United States is still one of the most advanced and strongest alternative investment fund markets in the world, and it has a very healthy supply of talented fund managers with innovative ideas,” McCorvey says. As a global firm, which routinely works through challenges and issues in various countries and jurisdictions on behalf of its clients, it’s vital that Stonegate stays on top of the latest regulatory changes around the world, says McCorvey. “We have noted a trend in the United States’ alternative investment industry becoming more and more regulated. Stonegate remains current on regulatory and tax changes, as our clients often seek us for advice as to how the changes affect fund managers.” A growing industry The hedge fund industry has often, in recent years, found itself paint- ed in a negative light, particularly by the media. But despite public outrage at the numerous negative stories concerning hedge fund managers, McCorvey says the industry is maturing. “As is in most situ- Name: John McCorvey III, CEO Web: www.StonegateGlobal.com Address: The Seagram Building 375 Park Avenue, Suite 2607, New York City, NY 10152 USA Phone: +1 212 500 5977 Fact File Global Innovation Award for Fund Formation & Most Cost Effective Fund Administrator – Global Stonegate Global Fund Services

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