Hedge Fund Awards 2014

“Trust has never been more in-demand for high-net-worth individuals and wealthy families. From mounting con- fidentiality and security concerns to tax code and estate planning complexity and from heightened compliance to regulatory requirements, today’s affluent individuals face greater challenges than ever before. At Rothstein Kass, we understand this changing dynamic and we deliver the actions, advice and accountability that our clients count on to succeed in this new era. But that’s nothing new. In fact, it’s our firm’s unique history as an ac- counting and advisory firm for leading financial institutions and alternative investment firms in the U.S. and abroad that bolsters our ability to continually provide our clients with innovative high-value services and customized solu- tions.” With an average 15 years’ industry experience, the pro- fessionals in the Family Office Group have long been the 2014 International Hedge Fund Awards Generational Trust at Rothstein Kass trusted resource for affluent individuals, multi-generational families, business owners and executives, single and multi- family offices, entertainers, and professional athletes. Central to the Group’s continued success has been its in- novative approach to customized high touch services that incorporates wealth preservation and creation, genera- tional planning, asset protection and lifestyle concerns, all as interrelated components in a unified long-term strategy. The Group’s Whole Client Model is based on building trust by understanding the client’s entire financial and personal life, important relationships, other advisors, sources of as- sets and liabilities, as well as personal and professional goals, family mission, and business interests. Because it does not provide investment allocation, asset management or investment advisory services, the Roth- stein Kass Family Office Group is wholly independent and unbiased, making it a unique and ideal strategic partner for wealth managers and single-family offices looking to outsource non-investment functions to qualified multifam- ily office providers. Flynn, who established himself as one of the premier pio- neers within the family office industry more than a decade ago, embodies the Group’s holistic approach. High-net- worth clients have an overarching need for what Flynn calls the four C’s: confidentiality, competency, continuity and caring. They have expectations of a certain level of com- petency, and simply telling them you’re an expert is not enough. Flynn and his team bring a balance of expertise, personality and discretion to the Family Office space, en- abling them to build strong and lasting client relationships. Flynn’s management style of empowering all client team members to advance their careers and his ability to le- verage the skill sets of every team member sets him, and the Family Office Group, apart from competitors. In short, because of his expertise, communication ability and in- novative approach to leadership and client solutions, the Group’s clients trust that they’ll receive consistent and top- notch service for generations to come. Find your trust today. The Rothstein Kass Family Office Group is one of the most recognized and respected firms in the family office space. The team, led by Rick Flynn, JD, Principal-in-Charge of the group, centers its approach on the group’s proprietary, “Whole Client Model,” which enables team members to stay distinctly attuned to clients’ wealth preservation and lifestyle management goals. Flynn discusses Rothstein Kass’ unique, powered-by-trust, approach. Family Offices Choice Award: Consulting Services Firm of the Year - USA Fact File Company: Rothstein Kass Name: Rick Flynn, JD Web: www.rkco.com Email: rflynn@rkco.com Address: 1350 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10019 Phone: (917) 438-3956 In fact, it’s our firm’s unique history as an accounting and advisory firm for leading financial institutions and alterna- tive investment firms in the U.S. and abroad that bolsters our ability to continually provide our clients with innovative high-value services and customized solutions.” Stuart Monk / Shutterstock.com 35 www.acquisition-intl.com

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