Hedge Fund Awards 2014

Ed Rogers is founder of Rogers Investment Advisors KK Japan, Wolver Hill Asset Management Company (Cayman) and related Wolver Hill entities. Like any boutique business Mr Rogers explains they must remain focused on adding value for their investors: pay- ing constant attention to the needs of clients has been the only way for them to survive and thrive in a very challenging environment. “Given the negative press and environment around Asian hedge funds, funds of hedge funds, and the alternative space in gen- eral since 2008 we have mostly distinguished ourselves from our competition by providing investors with superior returns; +35% in Japan fund since November 2006 inception versus TOPIX -25%, while gradually expanding our business to include an office in HK as well as Tokyo,” said Mr Rogers. “Our whole team, from operational due diligence, to risk manage- ment, to hedge fund research are very pleased and honoured to receive this very prestigious award. Our +21.4% net positive per- formance in our flagship Wolver Hill Japan Multi-Strategy Offshore Fund was certainly our greatest achievement in 2013. “We captured over 85% of the upside value of TOPIX in USD, and we did so with barely one-quarter the volatility of TOPIX. From a quantitative viewpoint we hit the absolute ‘sweet spot’ for fund of hedge funds performance,” said Mr Rogers. Talking about team culture Mr Rogers said: “It may sound ‘old fashioned’, but we foster a team culture focussing on hiring people who are smart, honest, hard-working and nice.” www.acquisition-intl.com 2014 International Hedge Fund Awards Rogers Investment Advisors KK Japan Looking ahead Mr Rogers believes that in five years we will look back and see 2013 as an inflection point for hedge funds, and the Asian hedge fund space in particular. The period from 2008-2013 will be seen as a period of unprecedented government attempts to manipulate the risk environment as a response to the global financial crisis and European sovereign wealth crisis. “The end of this period of intervention will mark the beginning of another extended period of outperformance for hedge funds. 2014, and the next 3-5 years, will be very strong years for Asian hedge fund performance,” he explained. “Japan, under Abenom- ics, will continue its economic rebound for at least another 5-7 years. China will astonish the world by twinning with the US to provide the vast majority of the world’s ‘upper middle-class’ con- sumers.” He added: “Asian economies, home to more than 30% of global GDP, currently host only 5% of the worlds’ hedge fund assets. As more of emerging market Asia becomes part of developed market Asia, the fortunes of many Asian focused hedge funds, and their investors, will rise dramatically. “Rogers Investment Advisors and the Wolver Hill group of com- panies, with headquarters in Tokyo, offices in HK, New York and Washington DC, are very well positioned to add value for US and European investors seeking access to ‘best in class’ Asian hedge funds.” Fact File Company: Rogers Investment Advisors Name: Ed Rogers Email: ed.rogers@rogersia.com Web: www.rogersia.com Address: 3-4-30 Shibakoen 7th fl, Tokyo, Japan Telephone: +813-4520-5580 “Our whole team, from operational due dili- gence, to risk manage- ment, to hedge fund re- search are very pleased and honoured to receive this very prestigious award.” Rogers Investment Advisors KK Japan is an Asian based asset management company specializing in alternative investment products; from creating and managing funds of hedge funds and seeding funds to providing bespoke hedge fund portfolio construction and alternative investment consulting. Due Diligence Award Specialist of 2014 - Japan 34 Tokyo skyline in modern Tsukishima district with scenic water reflection in Sumida river

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