Global Green Business Awards 2021

Acquisition International - Global Green Business Awards 2021 9 Nov21527 Best Residential Renewable Energy Solutions Provider - UK Incorporated in 2020, GB Homecare has been recognised for its outstanding efforts in Global Green Business Awards as the Best Residential Renewable Energy Solutions Provider within the UK. Dedicated to supporting homeowners with existing solar PV systems, GBH aims to reduce electric bills with professional advice and upgrades to maximise its customers’ potential investment in solar. espite being a relatively new presence in the renewable energy sphere, GB Homecare as found success through a focus on solar technology. However, with its significant popularity escalating over the years, the company promotes a greener environment at a cheaper cost. Moreover, at GBH, there is a collective experience of over two decades of experience working with solar PV; therefore, GBH can offer the best advice and installation in these systems. GBH has established itself by helping homeowners across the country with solar PV systems. Whether it’s with advice, upgrades or repairs, clients are guided to participate in a greener community whilst earning more money off their solar investments. Director Billy Turley explains, “Our mission is to do our part to make the UK green. We personally believe that with the government supporting homeowners, this can be possible.” An increase in homes within the UK has already begun the change towards renewable energy with solutions from solar panels to airsource heat pumps. With GBH, customers can receive professional advice and faultless installations. “Slowly but surely, we can reduce our carbon footprint and make the world a greener place for all,” states Billy. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for GHB to thrive in the market thoroughly. Therefore, Billy and his industry expert staff members ensure that they can help its clients wherever possible, ensuring that the right choices are made concerning solar PV systems. Part of the company’s commitment to its customers promises always to be available to assist new and continuous clients, keeping them up to date with evolving and updated renewable energy news and sharing any information on government grants that may be beneficial. Thus, allowing the company to provide excellent quality care for its product and its customers. GHB ensures this by remaining highly recognised for its efforts as a conscious and caring business whilst standing out from generic competitors who lack the same dedication. “At GBH, we have taken steps to be backed by many accreditations in which gives peace of mind and insurance to our clients; this also ensures we can stay ahead of other companies D within the renewable energy industry,” states Billy. Currently, GBH focuses solely on using solar PV systems as a majority of households within the UK are eligible for installations. In addition to creating a greener environment and better future for generations, the use of solar PV system aid in reducing rising electric bills and eliminating bigger electric suppliers. Billy explains, “We encourage homeowners to become more selfsufficient and not to rely on greedy suppliers. Solar is the first step to begin that process. With regular cleaning and consistent maintenance supplied from ourselves, homeowners are really benefiting from their systems, especially in the summer.’ With the eco industry ever-evolving and changing, from government grants to cutbacks, it has been challenging to navigate the market and keep updated with the most recent information. However, GBH stands by the commitment to the environment and its customers by providing state of the art renewable energy, the newest information and professional advice to ensure they are informed in making the best decisions on solar PV systems and solar investments. In 2022, bigger plans are emerging for the company, with GBH looking into commercial solar PV installations on larger new builds, warehouses, and even solar farms, to name a few. The reasoning behind this step is because of the property types, which allows a more significant benefit in switching to renewable energy and creating an overwhelming impact on reducing carbon footprints yearly. Moreover, within the year, there will be a grant introduction for an air source heat pump, which will allow homeowners to financially benefit from the change from oil/gas/lpg boilers to renewable resources. Billy explains, “It is our job to inform potential clients about the grant and encourage these owners to make the switch as they can make their home greener whilst benefiting financially.” An incredibly self-promoting product that not only saves the planet and reduces carbon footprints but allows the people of the UK to settle comfortably within their homes with less financial burdens. Company Name: GB Homecare LTD Contact Name: Billy Turley and George Baker Web Address: Contact Email: