Global Green Business Awards 2021

Acquisition International - Global Green Business Awards 2021 13 Dec21202 Best Eco-Friendly Packaging Development Company - New Zealand Revolution Packaging Ltd strives to change the way New Zealand brands think, assisting them on their journey to produce bio circular packaging for their products. It utilises the world’s most innovative technologies to produce packaging that is cost-effective, creates consumer preference and reduces the client’s carbon footprint. ackaging is the consumer’s first physical experience of a company’s brand, while it is most often the last thing a company considers when bringing a new product to the market. Revolution Packaging says it is time to flip that thinking on its head. Revolution Packaging’s mission is to assist companies to make change and produce packaging for the modern world. Company director, Darron White said, “Plastic is a fantastic invention. We have struggled as a community to design systems and processes around it to ensure that it’s circular and bio-based. Solutions are out there!” A company that is small, niche and targeted, Revolution Packaging is experienced and passionate about making packaging that has better start and end of life options, whether that be recyclable or compostable. It is under NDAs with all brand owners, but is working with large mills, multinational corporations and government bodies such as the Plastics Innovation Fund to develop and discover solutions. The company specifically targets single-use plastic replacement with fibre-based options. The Revolution Packaging team currently stands at two members, with Darron saying, “We ensure that we have balance and great ethical experience to build upon.” Being ex-corporate, Revolution Packaging understands the ways of the traditional model. It is different due to its experiences to date and far reaching of its lifetime of contracts, and it generally only takes a few projects on at a time to ensure the best possible outcomes. Darron said, “We’ve had a lifetime of experience in the printing and packaging markets, and through this journey, we have been exposed to some great companies that have some very unique value propositions.” Unfortunately, processes were slowed down when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, with ongoing supply chain issues making change harder for companies to achieve. Local supply is a huge value add and Revolution Packaging is assisting this process so that companies aren’t as reliant on the traditional supply chain model. Another challenge that the industry faces is greenwashing, which is P rampant out there with a lack of standards and consistency of labelling on a global basis, confusing a lot of brand owners. Darron said, “More government support is needed and I’m pleased to say that we are a part of this change.” The future is looking hopeful with companies such as Revolution Packaging working hard to implement change. Notably, it has signed game-changing company, Solenis up for consultation, which is going to help a lot of companies change their packaging to fibre- and water-based coatings in the place of plastic. Company: Revolution Packaging Ltd Contact: Darron White Email: Website: