Global Excellence Awards 2023

52 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023 8 | Acquisition International, Issue 1 2024 For those seeking more than just a few hours’ worth of food and beverages, day and half-day packages serve as the ideal solution, with the former offering beverages and biscuits on arrival, before morning tea, lunch, and then afternoon tea are served, followed by other inclusions that span a whiteboard, pens, and eraser, a flipchart and paper, projector and screen, as well as a lectern complete with a fixed microphone. In a similar vein, the half-day package consists of arrival drinks, a smaller selection of lunch options, morning or afternoon tea, and the same added extras as listed above. Additionally, the beverage options available throughout these corporate events are specifically tailored on a case-by-case basis, with either a beverage package available that includes wine, beer, soft drink, and juice that lasts for 4 hours, or beverages on a bar tab or a cash bar. Cakes can too be provided, if necessary, with a chef available to either cut and place on a sharing platter or to individually plate up the cakes and garnish them by hand. Decorations can be organised on a corporation’s behalf if required, or organisers are welcome to bring their own and source their own entertainment for the event. Last but not least, a trio of additional packages are available that add those much needed finishing touches to an event, with a standard package that offers Lycra chair covers and a simple centrepiece, a luxury package with Lycra chair covers complete with a satin sash or band, a standard centrepiece, and a satin table runner, and finally, the deluxe package, which adds a deluxe centrepiece and coloured napkins to the items already included in the luxury offering. These little extras will go a long way in serving as the cherry on top of what is sure to be a terrific event, a guarantee that stems from the team’s unbridled commitment to excellence, array of knowledge and experience, and friendly and helpful demeanour. Aside from its corporate catering gigs, the company took on three new venues in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, with Steve being front and centre to oversee the redevelopment of the subsequently launched dining spaces, ensuring that these warm and welcoming spaces serve as a fantastic precursor to the exquisite food and unparalleled dining experience that is soon to follow. Menus at each of these venues are extensive and boast a terrific range of food and drink that are available at both member and visitor prices, meaning regulars and first-timers alike can divulge in a series of exquisite offerings that are sure to make them want to return time and again. Determined to remain ahead of the curve, Catering HQ has spent the past couple of years refocusing its attention inwards, developing new products and methods that will serve to solidify its frontrunner position in the sphere. To this end, the team have already begun to embrace the use of plant-based products in their recipes to better cater to the increasing amount of vegetarian and vegan clientele utilising their services, as well as regularly updating their menus across the board frequently to reflect the seasons and maintain freshness. A firm believer in showing rather than telling, Steve emphasises that people want an experience, with this ethos forming an integral part of what the company attempts to strive for on a daily basis. Moreover, having made the switch to a pescatarian diet a few years ago, Steve has continued to provide the necessary menu items and foodstuffs that can best serve niches in the market, with Steve remaining steadfast in his commitment to deliver the sort of food that he is truly passionate about through Catering HQ. While it is the firm’s catering services that have won it this award, it would be amiss to not further explore the other avenues of the business that are equally as impressive and successful, with these covering the bases of hospitality consulting, logistics, and speaking events. The first of these is undertaken by partner firm stevesidd. com Consulting Services. With this offshoot focusing heavily on specialist consulting services in the areas of tourism and leisure, in addition to the hospitality and food service sectors. Clients served by the company include hotels, clubs, gaming/ hospitality corporations, tourism operators, restaurants, function and events, industry associations, food manufacturing, liquor, beverage and warehousing organisations. The secret to success for Consulting HQ has been the combining of the unique skills and experience that only three decades in the sector can provide, with Steve and the highly qualified consultant team able to exceed the needs of a client business, confidently providing the best advisory and management expertise available in the market today. Catering HQ Logistics is a similarly impressive subdivision, priding itself on working with a range of clients and venues to assist them in making sure that they boast sustainable success and can provide innovative and tailored gourmet solutions to satisfy the needs of their customers. Within this area can be found a series of specialised field retail consultants that are located in each of Australia’s major cities, as well as an internal customer service team that has been wholly built around transacting with customers in a swift, convenient, and efficient manner. Partnering 52 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023