Global Excellence Awards 2023

Aug22499 18 | Acquisition International, Issue 12 2023 Oct23502 A Trailblazer in Gas Detection Solutions ith over 30 years of gas sensing solution expertise, CO2Meter first began operating within the indoor air quality market. While indoor air quality is still more important than ever before, the company’s pioneering solutions have since expanded across hundreds of applications and industries. Its partners now include gas distribution companies, global transportation, pharmacies, international restaurant chains, leaders in indoor agriculture, universities and colleges, and many more. Over its years of service, CO2Meter has learned to predict and adapt to evolving industry needs to achieve successful longevity. The business has recently gained the ISO 9001:2015 certification for its quality management system to not only assure customers of its expanding manufacturing capabilities but also to foster the trust that clients and partners have in its expertise. CO2Meter will now look to obtain an additional ISO standard to deliver new services to clients in calibration, gas sampling, and testing. CO2Meter offers a wide range of products that detect higher than normal gas concentrations and warn users of potential dangers. Its fixed or wall-mounted gas detectors, monitors, and alarms are designed for use in breweries, beverage industries, cultivation facilities, laboratories, restaurants, or any location where gas safety is essential. With a main sensor unit and remote display, CO2Meter’s fixed gas systems are employed to protect employees, staff, and businesses around stored gases like carbon dioxide and oxygen. Many of the company’s gas detection safety solutions hold quality gas sensing technology, feature audible/visual alarms, and ensure compliance in the field. These devices have been implemented by Fortune 500 companies around the world. The business is a renowned leader in gas detection and attributes its success to the hard work and dedication of its invaluable staff. It’s Marketing, Sales, Engineering, and Production teams run every aspect of CO2Meter. It is the team’s role to source new applications and industries by promoting the business to key decision makers. When recruiting, CO2Meter looks for employees that demonstrate commitment, motivation, and passion. It is vital that staff are curious about technology and dedicated to the company’s continuous development. At CO2Meter, employees are a family and focus is placed on maintaining a collaborative and supportive internal culture. By fostering a positive working environment, its employees remain productive, present, and satisfied with their day-to-day working environment. In recent times, challenges within the industry have included CO2 shortages in the US and price inflation. Due to pandemic shortages and increased demand, the production of gases such as CO2 has reduced, leaving many industries challenged. At CO2Meter, its core clients, include gas distribution, dry ice producers, beverage leaders, and franchises, having felt the effect. CO2Meter is committed to bringing its customers together during these challenges, finding new avenues or source points which are continuously improving. In the coming year, CO2Meter will continue to expand into new industries, focusing on both CO2 solutions and other gases in the field. The business aims to explore the beneficial uses of gas across the agriculture, food and beverage, industrial, safety, scientific, and welding markets. It is CO2Meter’s objective to be a leader in gas detection for CO2 and other gases as well. The company has plans to develop more innovative products that will prioritize safety and provide users with superior quality analysis, control, and gas verification. At CO2Meter, the business employs advanced quality sensing technology to deliver its innovative gas detection solutions. By taking the time to test and verify every product, the company ensures that its products continue to meet the requirements of its customers. With applications across a wide array of industries, CO2Meter provides products that are essential for monitoring the levels of gases such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, carbon monoxide, ammonia, methane, and much more. The business is committed to the consistent development of its existing products and the innovation of new high quality gas sensor solutions. CO2Meter has received our award for this year’s Best Gas Detection Solutions Retail Enterprise - North America. Contact: Morgan Morris Company: CO2Meter Web Address: CO2Meter is a USA pioneer in gas detection solutions that are used in applications across the world. With over 250 gas sensor solutions, the business employs the latest gas sensing technology to assure that its products are bestin-class and consistently meet the needs of its customers. To retain its leading position in gas detection, CO2Meter continues to innovate its services to provide clients with high quality gas sensor solutions. For its commitment to safety and innovation, CO2Meter has received our award for this year’s Best Gas Detection Solutions Retail Enterprise - North America. W 19 | Acquisition International, Global Excellence Awards 2023