Global Excellence 2020

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 93 32 Acquisition International - Issue 10 2020 The Perfect Professional Service The world of professional services covers a range of different areas, but for the team at B.K.F. Asesores, the work includes tax, accounting, legal and labor matters. Their exceptional efforts over the years have been recognized in Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards where the firm was named Most Outstanding Professional Services Provider 2020 – Spain. We looked a little more closely to discover what they have to offer. ince 1994, the team at B.K.F. Asesores have been leading the way on professional services. Made of a team of qualified professionals in the field, the firm has proven to be a major success. The founding mission was to provide a quality and personalized service to every customer, and over twenty-five years later, that is still one of the core tenets of the business. In many ways it is this commitment to quality that has allowed the business to thrive over the years. Instead of remaining static, the team are always looking the latest way in which technology can assist them in their work. Often the latest techniques are treated with suspicion, but at B.K.F. Asesores, they are welcomed with open arms. The team are active participants in the improvement of the financial sector and know how to leverage the latest developments to serve clients more effectively. The desire to see innovation and improvement thrive is one of the major factors which sets the team apart from the competition. The financial sector is one that can be incredibly static, as businesses try to keep things as they were. What B.K.F. Asesores aims to do is use these new concepts to provide a better service that meets the needs of clients more effectively. By offering an advice and management service that makes a real difference, the team can have a major impact on their client’s growth. The old-fashioned nature of the financial sector has really encouraged the team to explore new ways of thinking. Paper documents are still common in a world that is more and more digital. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a lot of change, forcing companies to adapt quickly not only to working from home, but to social distancing. The team at B.K.F. Asesores have seen this not as a challenge to be overcome, but an opportunity for change across the industry that will allow the business to thrive. The company’s culture is built around the idea of doing everything better every day. The Japanese concept of Kaizen has been key to this, namely in the philosophy “we do things better than yesterday but worse than tomorrow.” This approach has inspired the team not to settle, but instead reach to new and dizzying heights on behalf of clients. Staff also appreciate this approach, which is shown by the way in which the firm has a very low turnover of team members. They are taken care of, and allowed to flourish in an environment that enables their best work. The team at B.K.F. Asesores are immensely talented, capable of handling whatever they are asked to do. In many ways, the values that inspire such loyalty from clients also applies to the B.K.F. Asesores team. S Sep20518 Looking forward, the team have found themselves in an excellent position. The aim for the firm is simple – to keep on growing and becoming more and more efficient. The approach that the team have championed since the beginning of B.K.F. Asesores puts them in excellent stead for the foreseeable future. While many businesses struggle to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape of professional services, this is a firm that will continue to thrive. Name: Leandro González Fernández Web Address: The Japanese concept of Kaizen has been key to this, namely in the philosophy “we do things better than yesterday but worse than tomorrow.” Most Outstanding Professional Services Provider 2020 - Spain