Global Excellence 2020

80 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 Acquisition International - Issue 7 2020 37 Feb20244 Company: Universal School of Aviation Contact: Adekinle Eedris Onifade Website: www. universalschoolofaviation. com igeria’s Universal School of Aviation has been developed to meet the needs of the aviation industry by way of producing well-trained staff members for both domestic and international aviation-related organizations. Since its inception and throughout its subsequent development as one of Nigeria’s foremost authorities on aviation education, the institute has recorded a tremendous amount of achievement in area of manpower development. The school has also contributed massively to the reduction of the rate of unemployment through its employment opportunities, given to all students as part of their time at the school. Approved by the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) under the umbrella of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the Universal School of Aviation has grown to become a household name in the country’s aviation sector, and for good reason. For students of the Universal School of Aviation, there are a number of highly attractive benefits to their time spent studying. Students are provided with industrial attachment, often leading to permanent employment in an aviation role, and with certificates accepted worldwide, the opportunities are limitless. The required fees for studying at the school are both moderate, and able to be made in instalments to make it easier for those who cannot afford to pay the full amount in one go. Given the school’s partnerships and memberships with associations all over the world, students have the opportunity to further their education abroad, whilst hostel accommodation is provided for those who journeyed from distance to study in the Lagos and Abuja campus in Nigeria. Students who cannot make the journey to be in person at the Universal School of Aviation can still tap into the classes, thanks to its full-time, part-time, and correspondent classes that are available online. The institution assists students of all ambitions, helping those who wish to travel abroad after the programme with the correct filing of their documents. Throughout the teaching, each student is also taught how to effectively make full use of IT and computer skills, and perhaps most importantly, each student is exposed to practical experience of the world tourism industry by way of organizing tours within and outside of Nigeria. Now firmly established within the aviation sector, Universal School of Aviation can be considered a modern day aviation training institution of the highest possible standard. All training and session materials are updated on an individual basis, ensuring only the most recent industry regulations and developments are kept up with. In N Training to become a pilot, or any staff member involved in the smooth running of the aviation industry, is not an easy thing to do. There are a significant amount of protocols and procedures to learn, and they are continuously evolving across the world. Situated in Lagos, Nigeria, the Universal School of Aviation is this years’ recipient of the 2020 Award for Excellence in Aviation Training Services – Nigeria, so we uncover more about it to understand how it achieved this latest success. Sky-High Success For Aviation School order to do this, the team at Universal School of Aviation regularly meet with representatives from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) so as to be in line with the present developments in the across the entirety of the industry. Armed with this knowledge, the highly dedicated and professional lecturers, all of whom have undergone various professional training coupled with their own personal wealth of experience, have full authorization from the NCAA as licensed instructors. It comes as little surprise therefore, that every aviation organization in Nigeria and beyond wants to have at least one graduate from the Universal School of Aviation in its staff. Over the years, the Universal School of Aviation has achieved a great many things, but it has never lost sight of its primary aims and goals upon which it was founded. It has continued to contribute immensely to the growth of the Nigerian aviation industry by producing professionals of the highest standard that can work impeccably for the travel and tourism industries, and their associated partners. Today, it stands as a beacon of world-class aviation training for the people of Nigeria and Africa as a whole, fostering strong and beneficial relationships between domestic and international aviation companies. Throughout its existence, the Universal School of Aviation has also sought to create jobs for native Nigerian and African young people, whilst reducing the expenses spent on foreign training. Taking flight and reaching new heights, each graduating student is yet another example of just how exceptional the Universal School of Aviation truly is. Students are given real world experience and the chance to go anywhere in the world on a brand new adventure and career. The excitement is palpable, and the opportunities are endless for these thriving students, and it is all thanks to the Universal School of Aviation. 2020 Award for Excellence in Aviation Training Services - Nigeria