Global Excellence 2020

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 79 64 Acquisition International - Issue 7 2020 The Bank That Backs Business Financial services are incredibly important to every level of society, whether the account is in the name of an individual, a small business or a large corporation. Treating all these different clients equally, yet in such a way that support their disparate needs is the job of the UBA Group. This African bank has been in operation for seventy years, and has now been named as Nigeria’s Most Outstanding Custody Service Provider, 2020. We profiled the company to see how it managed this amazing achievement. stablished in 1948, UBA has focused its work of the last seven decades on the provision of superior financial services to small businesses, corporations, governments, institutions and individuals across the world. Now one of the largest financial service groups on the African continent, it serves more than 18 million customers, through a diverse series of channels including over 1,000 business offices and customer touch points. The success of UBAGroup is down to its incredible vision and mission statement. Put simply, UBAis intended to act as a rolemodel for African businesses, not only creating superior value for the stakeholders, but doing this while keeping to the strictest of professional and ethical standards. Where some would take shortcuts, this business plays everything by the book to show that it not only can be done, but must be to ensure good performance. Strategically, the firm intends to become the leading financial services institution in Africa, with everything in the business designed to move the company forward to this point. Excellence in every aspect from customer services to services provided is paramount to these achievements. Such is the success of UBA that the team have a large footprint, covering 20 African countries as well as having an international foothold, with offices in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and France. With an award for custody service under their belt, the team at UBA must be satisfied with their incredible achievement. Their safe custody policy is second to none, offering clients the option of centralized safekeeping of securities and liquid assets. This means that clients are able to manage their various securities with greater ease and more efficiency. Cost reduction for this service is available on graduated fee scales based on the size of assets. This is one of the ways in which UBA ensures that its services are open to all. UBA is Africa’s global bank and must continue to honour its commitment to remain relevant in a fast and perpetually changing world. As new developments take a hold on the markets, such as artificial intelligence, the team are aware of the importance of ensuring that their systems are fit for purpose. This thinking applies throughout the firm, with the importance of adopting new technology, channels and platforms to deliver the ease of banking to all customers being incredibly important. It is this forward-thinking approach that ensures UBA is a bank that spans generations, supporting the young and old alike. Successful support is how UBA measures its accomplishments, with the aim always being to ensure that its customers and their businesses are able to be prosperous members of society. Instead of seeing a E Nov19497 bank as a short-term proposition, customers are encouraged to work alongside UBA as a partner. Its products and services are carefully curated and tailored to suit the individual needs of customers. To those who utilise its services, UBA is a godsend, coaxing the best out of businesses and people in order to help them achieve their financial goals. Their success with custody provision is just the tip of the iceberg when looking more closely at their incredible achievements. Company: UBA Group Contact: Taiwo Sonola Email: “Such is the success of UBA that the team have a large footprint, covering 20 African countries as well as having an international foothold, with offices in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and France.” Nigeria’s Most Outstanding Custody Service Provider, 2020