Global Excellence 2020

76 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 140 Acquis tion International - Issue 1 2021 Aug20589 Winds of Change Key to a thriving business is the ability of a company to adapt to changing circumstances, but managing this change is never easy. It requires leadership not just to acknowledge the difficulties of upgrading systems, but the value of the people who will run them. The team at Faculta have been named 2020’s Leading Specialists in Change Management – Mexico in Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards. We take a closer look to find out why. hange management is defined as the holistic application of a structured process and set of tools to lead the human side of change. It’s a way of ensuring that businesses today are able to meet the needs and requirements of tomorrow. The challenge, of course, is that change is not something that can just be implemented. People involved in the organization of an enterprise must be engaged and allowed time to adapt to ensure total success. When clients turn to the team at Faculta, they want help from an organization which is committed to the concept of change management. The team have managed to help numerous companies through the trials of transformation that have allowed companies to grow with greater ease, speed and economy. Some businesses have taken steps to reduce the human element involved, reducing the unpredictability factors at play. With Change Management, and the Faculta team, companies can foster more successful human organizations that make change a competitive advantage. Of course, companies look to implement change management systems to optimize the results of their work, but the team at Faculta have found that their approach highlights productivity increase, valuable talent permanence, better results in terms of finance, labor and organization when it comes to time and budget and the ultimate demonstration of the People Dependent ROI. This last factor is the return on investment that depends on people in any change initiative. To be an effective force within a business, the Faculta team know that a company’s change management methods must be guided by the desired change and the attributes of the organization. This means that each plan must be bespoke, guided by the experiences of other successes. Finding out how effective an organization is at change management, and to determine what resources need to be put into making it thoroughly effective, is now easier than ever thanks to the Faculta online assessment. This quick and straightforward questionnaire collates all the necessary information and informs people how prepared they are to effectively manage changes from an organizational, resources, competencies and structural perspective. From this information, it often becomes clear that what is required is a partner moving forward. To make effective change, it’s not worth hiring in a team who will work within the existing formulation, it pays to have an equal who has the potential to speak honestly about what is available. The team at Faculta have a long history of expertise in aligning themselves with the characteristics, times, resources and C requirements needed for both a project of change within an enterprise and for ensuring that the organization itself is able to change too. The team have offices in Mexico City, Santiago de Chile and Madrid Spain, serving the Mexican Republic, Central America, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru and Spain. It’s an extraordinary geographic range which reflects the universal approach with which they can approach businesses. It’s not easy to find an organization that is ideally equipped to handle change, as has been proven by the complex circumstances of 2020. This guidance is done through a variety of methods, designed to introduce change management activities within organizational change initiatives. To support businesses through every step, the team provide a comprehensive mix of workshops that can be both virtual and face- to-face. By teaching the core principles of change management, businesses are able to easily apply and adapt techniques where appropriate. Encouraging customization at every stage increases the chance of a business achieving the expected results. Often, this work is a step too far for companies, as many simply do not have the structure or resources to face changes in an effective way. That is why the team are always on hand to ensure that their clients can make the steady progress that guarantees future success. For some projects, the Faculta Change Management Project Support system is not quite right, and so the Change Management Deployment Support must be provided. In this case, a Faculta expert is sent directly to the business to work one-on-one with a business implementation leader. This bespoke approach allows companies to bring together the leadership of an organization and create viable strategies that cultivate effective change. Throughout either method, Often, this work is a step too far for companies, as many simply do not have the structure or resources to face changes in an effective way. That is why the team are always on hand to ensure that their clients can make the steady progress that guarantees future success. Company: Faculta Contact: Victor Romero Website: 2020’s Leading Specialists in Change Management - Mexico