Global Excellence 2020

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 71 32 Acquisition International - Issue 7 2020 Feb20141 Finding Financial Success Matters of tax and financial engineering are best left to the experts, but finding the right team to trust with these matters can be difficult. The team at Engelwood Global Services have proven themselves capable of handling whatever work is needed. It is why they have been named Best Independent Financial Engineering & Corporate and Tax Services Provider 2020 – Luxembourg in Acquisition International’s 2020 Global Excellence Awards. We profile them to find out more. one-stop-shop for all things financial, the team at Engelwood Global Services havemake big claims, backed up by impressive results. The team is made of 40 peoples in Luxembourg. All three are committed to providing their clients with exceptional focus and tailored solutions. Guided by years of experience, the firm has been able to transform the finances of many of its clients. The Engelwood team have handled a variety of different challenges, including complex and common investment policies in the alternative investment fund industry, a challenging corporate industry, diversified private client requirements, and a new financing sources environment. The breadth of this output is a credit to the company’s considerable skill and showcases to clients exactly the sort of results that can be expected. The team considers its relationships with clients incredibly important, working in a fast and proactive way to protect their interests first and foremost. The most limiting factor for the team comes from an increasingly regulated environment, which requires skilled operators to work within. The executive managers have over 50 years’ experience between them, combining skills in the fund and corporate industry in Luxembourg to bring clients exceptional quality. Between them, the team are able to work well in the alternative investment funds industry, enhance decision-making thanks to a strong background in the investors’ relationship and project management for the corporate and fund industry, as well as tackle non regulated and regulated entities, including for resourcing services to the institutional entities. This range of ability to is to the firm’s credit. A The decision to base the business in Luxembourg is one which has opened many opportunities to the team. The country is the second largest investment fund centre in the world after the United States, acting as the premier captive reinsurance market in the European Union. Its enviable position within the Eurozone, therefore, is one which offers clients tremendous benefits. With such a strong social and political stability in the region, clients can be assured of stability of their investments. The framework of legal and regulatory regulation is continually updated to ensure that it is up to standard, with the government, the legislator and the private sector all consulted in the decision-making process. Thanks to this combination of stability, strong legal framing and openness to the world, Luxembourg has attracted numerous financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, investment fund promoters and specialist service providers to itself. This gives the team at Engelwood Global Services the best possible chance of making the most of a client’s finances. The entire city is dedicated to investor protection and rigorous anti money-laundering policies. Multilingual and multicultural teams allow the long-standing tradition of financial expertise to be combined with an international clientele. This combination of client focus, expertise and location is what has made Engelwood Global Services into such a success. It’s an approach that has allowed the team to grow significantly since it began operations, and seems certain to give it potential in the future. Company: Engelwood Global Services. Contact: Web Address: Best Independent Financial Engineering & Corporate and Tax Services Provider 2020 – Luxembourg