Global Excellence 2020

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 63 Acquisition International - Issue 7 3 Feb20371 Device Management Solutions Deliver Quality With digital devices being vital for an ever-growing number of business and education processes, there is an equally increasing need for device management solutions that can keep pace. Radix Technologies delivers cutting-edge solutions that enable organizations with state-of-the-art management tools to unlock the real potential of their device fleets, keeping them healthy, secure, and optimally tuned to their mission. To find out why it was awarded the title of Most Innovative Device Management Solutions Provider 2020 – Israel, we profiled the firm’s services and offerings. ncorporated in Israel twenty eight years ago, Radix began as an IT integration company that worked in the field of training and education. Over the years since, it has shifted its focus to software development specifically on device management solutions. However, despite the change in focus and direction, the mission has remained the same; to redefine device management and consolidate all devices, processes, and stakeholders into one easy- to-use platform. The cloud-based device management solutions, known as VISO, provide effective administrative and instructional capabilities to all stakeholders in the organizations, and seamless operation of all type of devices operating anywhere. Complete with a rich set of relevant tools and unique user interface, any owner can enable seamless group learning in a heterogenic environment. Being integrated in millions of devices worldwide and serving a wide range of clients, Radix’s solution has been instrumental in helping to increase performance and stability whilst minimizing downtime. From governmental organizations to education centres, small businesses to financial institutions, Radix’s solutions are exceptional for every client that uses them. Purely a B2B and B2B2C technology company, the firm works primarily with OEMs and vendors that will integrate its solutions into their firmware, and with integrators and resellers that will offer its solutions as a standalone or as part of a comprehensive solution. Underpinning everything that the firm does is a comprehensive set of values, which have remained at the core of Radix since 1992; innovation, human capital, agility, excellency, and reputation. Innovation is at the core of any technology firm, and Radix is no different in its delivery of cutting-edge solution. Filled with talented and richly experience staff, the firm is constantly pushing the boundaries of what it can do and going further. Technology is an ever-evolving industry, but the firm remains agile and adapts quickly to the changing environment. Knowing that its customers expect the best, Radix holds itself and every member of its team to the highest possible standard of excellence, and its reputation continues to precede it today. What makes Radix’s device management solutions is a multitude of aspects, refined over years of research and development. The solutions are modular and flexible, able to be customized to any user case, whilst offering that same rich set of relevant tools and unique user interface at a consistently high level. Supporting many different types of work environment and devices, Radix’s solutions can be cloud-based or on-premise and is platform agnostic, running on I Contact: Nadav Avni | Marketing Director Email: Website: Android, Chrome, Windows, Apple, and Linux. Effectively enabling group management and collaboration, these device management solutions from Radix are trusted and integrated by some of the world’s leading global device manufacturers and vendors alike. Experience accrued over twenty eight years has often come in very handy and valuable for Radix, showing it that even a small and innovative technology company like itself has a more than fair chance to make a difference in paving the way to industry giants. The key lies in being aware of customers’ needs and looking to the future. That is exactly what Radix has done, by creating a device management solution that enables users to increase administrative and instructional effectiveness, reduce operational complexity, and save time and money, making device management smarter and more focused. Constant growth and innovation is a necessity when working in technology, and for Radix to stay at the forefront of technological advancement, that is exactly what it has done. Expanding its offering across the world, the firm is also working on increasing its market share by partnering with leading global device manufacturers and vendors that will see its solutions become the industry standard in device management. All of Radix’s partners and their customers understand the amount of value that the firm adds to what they already provide. With technology now playing such a vital role in the continued functioning of businesses and educational facilities everywhere, device management is imperative. An exemplary example of how to successfully grow a technology start-up, Radix is one of the most insightful and innovative companies working in the technology sector of Israel today, though its impact and ambition can be felt across the globe. Most Innovative Device Management Solutions Provider 2020 - Israel