Global Excellence 2020

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 57 18 Acquisition International - Issue 10 2020 Protecting Your Identity As the global threat of document forgery becomes more and more apparent, Mind Zones has created the solution for identity authentication. Established to provide innovation in identity-based solutions that have a positive social impact, Mind Zones has created the Aadhaar authenticated eSign, the only identity-linked digital signature in India in order to eliminate risks of forgery. We dug deeper to find out more about this company and its revolutionary product. pecialists in identity-based solutions, Mind Zones, based in Guwahati, India, is revolutionising digital systems to ensure security, restrict forgery and eliminate identity theft. With handwritten signatures becoming obsolete in an increasingly digital world as a result of the tedious nature of trying to authenticate signatures that are easily forged, Mind Zones presents an effective and transparent system of signing a document. The eSignature, or eSign, has been authenticated by Aadhaar, a unique identification process in India that enrols citizens after taking demographic details and bio-metric data. eSign provides the only identity-linked signature by authenticating the signer against the Aadhaar database, eliminating the risk of duplicates or forgery when signing documents. The benefits of eSign have been recognised across India and it is now legally valid in the country as it is supported by the IT Policy 2000 of Government of India, as well as being promoted by the Digital India Initiative. The alternative methods, such as the USB (dongle)-based digital signatures, go some way in addressing these issues, but it does not provide the same complete authentication as Mind Zones’ solution. In addition, the USB-based system requires a tedious renewal process each year, meaning unlike eSign, this system is not only inconvenient but also non-scalable. Meanwhile, Mind Zones has presented a system that reduces the carbon footprint by eliminating the need for paper-based authentication and increases business productivity and response times by accelerating the authentication process. Offering features such as the integration of the gateway model for maximum uptime, signing in custom pages of a document, drag and drop signatures and the facility to authenticate signers using token OTP and biometrics, all in a cost-effective solution, Mind Zones has established themselves as a number one choice for businesses. Operating as a B2B and B2G product, eSign is an easy to integrate API/Plug-In feature that eases client’s workflow with its one-click authentication. Catering to banking sectors, insurance companies, retail, Govt and PSUs, real estate, non-banking financial companies, hospitals and eCommerce, Mind Zones is expanding its clientele exponentially, thanks to its universal product. However, Mind Zones has been faced with challenges, in particular as a result of changes in government policy regarding the use of individuals’ bio-metric data in the authentication process. The firm, however, has collaborated and adapted to ensure their product S Jun20548 is suitable and devoted to ensuring the protection of user identity. It is thanks to the hard work of the Mind Zones team that this has been accomplished, hard work that is motivated by a positive internal culture that supports and encourages one another. Sharing in the company vision to improve and protect the lives and identities of clients, the Mind Zones team are devoted to helping their customers. In keeping with the company’s desire to have a positive social impact beyond protecting individuals online, Mind Zones policy ensures that recruitment happens within their local communities. This maintains a proportionality of growth in between the company, its employees and the people within their local communities and as Mind Zones continues its successful expansion, there are many who will feel the benefits. Alongside eSign, Mind Zones is looking to expand their repertoire of products and services, offering projects such as the eLifeCertificate, eValidation and eMoU in Stamp Paper over the coming years. Having established themselves in India, the company is now looking further afield, with plans to extend their service worldwide. While a project of this size is incredibly challenging, Mind Zones is up to the task. We have no doubt that the future is bright for this ambitious and innovative company. Contact: Dipak K Choudhury Company: Mind Zones Infosystems LLP Web Address: / 2020’s Leading Innovators in Digital Transformation Solutions - India