Global Excellence 2020

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 51 Acquisi International - Issu 1 2021 7 Beacon for Biotech Success! service and support system has been established to ensure that the new equipment meets the necessary requirements. Like all aspects of Dyna Biotech, it is built on a system of qualified and experienced personnel who are available around the clock to ensure that your biotech operation is not slowed down. The team understand that their equipment is often a vital, and unique, part of a firm’s operations and any fault can lead to spoiled work and an incredible backlog of work. The service engineers employed by Dyna Biotech provide process trouble shooting, automation updates, process expert visits and consultancy services to guarantee the smooth running of every system. The success of Dyna Biotech is a credit to the hardworking team, led forward by Mr. Patil. His ambition is why the firm has thrived over the years, with innovation and revolution at the core of the company. As standards continue to escalate, and the ambition of biotechnology continues to increase, the need for firms like Dyna Biotech to rise to the challenge is clear. Fortunately, it’s something that this team every time with considerable aplomb. Contact: Sandeep Funde Email: