Global Excellence 2020

42 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2020 23 Nov19037 Returning Money to Victims When assets have been fraudulently diverted or judgement debtors do not pay, acting quickly, efficiently and resiliently is of the utmost importance. KRyS Global is an international asset recovery and investigation firm, specialising in fraud investigations, cross-border insolvency and restructurings, and litigation support in offshore and developed jurisdictions. Having already secured its place as 2020’s best international fraud investigation services firm, we examine the case for the firm’s continued success. sset loss can often leave victims feeling overwhelmed and helpless. KRyS has built an enviable reputation for timely, proactive, and precedent-setting solutions that can put the victim in control and ensure positive outcomes for clients. The firm’s professionals leverage their expert knowledge and experience, coupling it with practical common sense to help clients recover their losses. Focused on achieving positive outcomes and asset recoveries for clients and stakeholders, the team at KRyS is comprised of independent and dedicated professionals with the qualifications and capabilities to investigate fraud and theft. The team at KRyS specialise in three specific areas; fraud investigation and asset recovery, forensic accounting, and cross- border insolvency. Several of the firm’s professionals are qualified as Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE), and bring a wealth of hands-on experience when chasing and recovering assets around the world. Whilst lack of documentation and the bank secrecy or confidentiality can pose huge stumbling blocks to investigations, the team at KRyS has competently navigated those obstacles on numerous occasions in pursuit of a positive outcome. Driven by a relentless desire to secure assets and return them to victims, the innovative and hard-working team deliver practical solutions to identifying assets and obtaining the swiftest, most prudent, and effective means of collecting them. Where funding is an issue, they also are willing to put “skin the game” and self-fund on a success fee basis, or seek external funding from a reliable third party vendor. Crucial to any investigation is tracking the money trail and identifying evidence that either substantiates or refutes the presumption. The team at KRyS boast extensive experience in conducting financial transaction analysis and tracing cash flows, using the expertise of seasoned accountants and fraud examiners. In addition to preparing the financial analysis and supporting review, the KRyS professionals can compile a simple and succinct report that a judge can understand and use as expert evidence to determine the appropriate decision. In KRyS, clients can rest assured that they will get results which can be depended upon when it matters most. In order to address any cross-border insolvency issues, the firm utilise an innovative perspective by identifying unique remedies to the disputes and conflicts that arise in complex, multi-faceted A cross-border liquidations. Recovering the maximum possible for stakeholders is almost wholly dependent on the expertise and knowledge of the persons appointed to conduct the asset recovery. KRyS’ professionals offer vast experience in assisting and advising clients in various industries where cross-border insolvency may be an issue, having previously acted as receivers, administrators, liquidators, and controllers of major entities. Whilst many of KRyS’ staff are experienced in dealing with contentious insolvencies and restructurings, their success to date has been based on the simple premise that no case is the same and that each project needs a hands-on approach. Since the firm’s inception in 2007, it has been responsible for the recovery of more than one and a half billion pounds for victims of fraud and financial crime. Ultimately, investigating fraud and other financial crimes requires a relentless, meticulous and often innovative approach. Ticking all of these boxes and more, KRyS has proven itself to be a unique firm offering sophisticated, yet practical solutions to complex issues. Ensuring successful outcomes for clients, the team’s pursuit of justice is unrivalled and unmatched across the industry. Company: KRyS Global Contact: Timothy Le Cornu Email: timothy.lecornu@ Website: Best International Fraud Investigation Services Firm - 2020