Global Excellence 2020

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 37 14 Acquisition International - Issue 4 2020 and customer-centricity on both staff and leadership levels, but the pressure to be that way is high. This high pressure to change rapidly in such fundamental ways inhibits both management and staff alike to fully engage with what will be an uncertain future, and is even greater for companies that acquire and merge with other companies in order to meet high growth and innovation rates. For those companies, frankfurter gruppe is on hand to support leadership and staff in balancing business performance and human needs to achieve both; business goals and a high-performing team in Championing Corporate Change On the outskirts of Frankfurt lies an award-winning firm that has sought to deliver corporate development on complex and challenging change projects for companies for more than two decades. Named in this month’s issue of Acquisition International as the Best Corporate Development Management Consultancy 2020 in Germany, discover the success of frankfurter gruppe corporate development as we profile the firm. ince 1998, frankfurter gruppe has been a partner-led management consulting firm, specializing in corporate development. The last twenty two years have seen the firm successfully work on more than one hundred projects across a myriad of industries and sectors. Yet, through it all, the central objective of the firm has remained much the same; to enable a sustainable corporate development process in clients by building intelligent organizational projects and fostering a lasting competence transfer. The firm also functions as a strategic partner of the Global PMI Partners network, ensuring its presence in the world is international in helping companies with cross-border integration and transformation projects. Organizational change processes are, by nature, often complex and challenging. They require a level of dynamism and leadership, both of which come in abundance with the inclusion of frankfurter gruppe. In change projects for its clients, the firm supports and consults on multiple fields of action, all of which run in parallel and strong coordination with one another throughout the process. Based on a systemic understanding on organizational reality, years of consulting experience, and personal management practice, frankfurter gruppe helps clients through every stage, from conceptualization to completion of a transformation or integration project. Throughout the entirety of the process, the firm’s experience and excellence in professional implementation of change projects is evident. Throughout the firm’s services, there are two key areas which continue to separate frankfurter gruppe from the competition; its focus on post- merger integration, and its focus on digital transformation and agility. Closing the deal in a milestone in any merger, but success is also defined in the quality of the subsequent integration. The realisation of the added-value inherent in the deal is dependent on the constructive and active cooperation of the staff in this phase. Achieving integration goals is a challenge that is complicated by a variety of merger- specific factors. Both managers and staff need to actively manage the integration project for which they are often ill-prepared. The team at frankfurter gruppe supports companies in a professional merger consultancy with in-house seminars to help achieve merger targets in spite of the inherent turbulence, whilst also developing long-term merger-management skills. As for the firm’s focus on digital transformation and agility, it needs little explanation. The future is here, as e-commerce, social media, Internet of Things, and digitalization are becoming increasingly common for businesses all over the world. Staying relevant means going digital, and it is something that frankfurter gruppe are more than well-equipped to help clients with. The firm’s role as transformation consultants is primarily balancing and dynamically re-calibrating the organization between certainty and uncertainty on their transition towards agility. Agility in the digital age can lead to speed, flexibility, S Feb20231 Christoph Rohloff Managing Partner Kirsten Meynerts-Stiller Founder & Managing Partner tumultuous times. Balancing the interaction between business demands and human needs of staff is a delicate art, but one that frankfurter gruppe has refined over more than fifteen years of management and consulting experience. This experience proves invaluable when it comes to increasing the sustainability of success during times of change. Through informed and well-grounded process skills, top-quality methodological and professional abilities, and total commitment, frankfurter gruppe can help maintain that right balance between business and staff demands. Cultivating a global reputation for successful change management is a stunning testament to the success that frankfurter gruppe has experienced over the last twenty two years, but the firm knows that now, more than ever, the necessity for transformation is strong. More and more companies are being pressured to adopt more agile business models at a much quicker pace with increasing expectations on high-impact outcomes, but the expertise of frankfurter gruppe is on hand to smooth that transition and make sure it is seamless. 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