Global Excellence 2020

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 25 12 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2020 The Golden Age of Digital Experience Monitoring In the midst of a pandemic, using cloud-based technology such as Microsoft 365 has proven vital for employees to stay productive. In October 2020, Microsoft reported 115 million daily active users of Teams. This is where Martello Technologies comes in, offering outstanding Microsoft 365 digital experience monitoring solutions. Find out why Martello Technologies is 2020’s Most Innovative Digital Experience Monitoring Solutions Provider, as we take a closer look at the firm and what it has to offer for clients. eadquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Martello Technologies is a global company that develops digital experience monitoring (DEM) solutions. These solutions provide monitoring and analytics on the performance and user experience of business-critical cloud applications such as video conferencing, while giving IT teams and service providers control and visibility of their entire IT infrastructure. In its provision of these increasingly necessary DEM capabilities, Martello Technologies has become a leader in the market for Microsoft 365 user experience monitoring. Martello provides end-to- end monitoring and troubleshooting solutions for enterprises that rely on cloud-based collaboration systems. The range of products include unified communications performance analytics software, Microsoft 365 user experience monitoring software, and IT analytics software. Since its inception, Martello Technologies’ purpose has been to make every digital experience one that is both seamless and productive. The world is becoming increasingly digital, with many workplaces around the world having shifted to a work-from-home system of working since the outbreak of COVID-19 began earlier this year. Cloud-based technology has never been so important to the daily running of businesses. Martello’s software provides IT teams with actionable intelligence, which they can use to deliver a positive digital work experience, anywhere in the world. This software also helps to proactively expose any obstacles in service delivery, so that enterprises can keep their employees productive while using these business-critical cloud applications. Traditional network and application performance monitoring approaches lack the insight required to evaluate the user experience of cloud services. A true understanding of service delivery requires insight into not only performance, but the user’s experience. As an increasing number of users are now accessing cloud-based technology remotely, user experience can be harder to assess. Martello’s DEM solutions provide their enterprise customers with deeper insight by correlating data on network and application performance with insight into the user’s experience of the service. Whilst other digital experience monitoring solutions can make this connection between performance and user experience, Martello Technologies takes it a step further and demonstrates to enterprises why the problem happened. One of the factors that has made Martello Technologies strong in this market is its thorough approach to monitoring the Microsoft Teams platform. With the latest release of its Gizmo solution, Martello is now able to test video and screen-sharing services via 24/7 H Oct20575 synthetic transactions. Those capabilities come in addition to testing other services such as: login, chat, channel and file management, and more. If any service degradation issues occur, the IT team are alerted so they can fix the issue before users even notice. IT gets full visibility, so they know whether or not their network and applications are working to maximum efficiency. Ultimately, Martello Technologies is right at the forefront of one of the world’s most important industries right now, in one if its fastest- growing segments. Cloud technology is vastly important for so many individuals and organisations, and there is a clear need for cloud- based collaboration to be the primary method of remote working. Networks, applications and the users who need them require digital experience monitoring solutions of the highest calibre, and that is exactly what Martello Technologies provides. The company has earned its excellence and is fully deserving of this recognition. Contact: Tracy King Website: Martello Technologies is right at the forefront of one of the world’s most important industries right now, in one if its fastest-growing segments. Most Innovative Digital Experience Monitoring Solutions Provider - 2020