Global Excellence 2020

226 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 118 Issue 1 2021 Aug20417 Health and Wealth The role of pharmacy benefit managers often goes uncredited within the USA health system. As a third party, acting outside of integrated health systems, it’s easy to see why many organizations can’t employ one focused on their business. This changed thanks to VativoRx LLC, named in Acquisition International’s Global Excellence awards as Most Innovative Pharmaceutical Benefit Management Firm 2020 – USA. We take a closer look to see why. t goes without saying that larger companies tend to have more resources. Big organizations can provide incredible levels of support thanks to their size, but this does not mean that smaller enterprises should miss out. The value of a committed pharmacy benefit management system cannot be overstated, and the solution presented by the team at VativoRx is one which opens the doors of this incredible service to an entirely new audience. The team at VativoRx believe that you shouldn’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to enjoy the advantages of a dedicated pharmacy benefits management program. Their solution is designed to innovate within the market, serving middle market companies, Third Party Administrators, Hospice Organizations, small and large employer groups, government, and HMOs. The nature of this incredible system is such that each organization can customize their solution to meet their specific needs. No two organizations are the same, from what it offers to what its members need, and so having this level of flexibility is vital for success. The VativoRx program offers far more than simply a benefits processor. It actively designs and manages prescription benefit programs that provides cost savings to an organization on formulary and non-formulary drugs. Sophisticated design ensures that it can accommodate patients with advanced formulary and distribution options, delivering services through technologically superior systems. The promise for every group that uses the team’s astonishing services is that their work will combine fiduciary responsibility, and sensitivity to ensure members of the organization will be comforted and confident that they are receiving the best results possible. No one wants a system that sacrifices care for cost-efficiency, so every stage of the design process for VativoRx has been carefully designed to provide the perfect balance between the two factors. The duty of care that you undertake on behalf of your employees is carried forward to the team at VativoRx. Of course, the main reason for embracing the potential of VativoRx is to provide access to drugs at a major discount, but the VativoRx team have gone far beyond that endeavor. They have created a program that is capable of delivering an extensive clinical program that supports the management of a company’s prescription benefit with a wide range proactive and innovative solutions. As a management solution, the team have taken the time to ensure that everyone is engaged within the healthcare process, offering a holistic approach that is to be celebrated. From patient to pharmacist, VativoRx makes it much easier to deliver the best outcomes that I Company: VativoRx Contact: Lisa Quarterman Website: address the specific challenges facing clients. From formulary management to drug utilization review to medication therapy management, the team have taken the time to ensure that their customers are first and foremost every step of the way. Being able to guide the way in which claims are managed is a major benefit to working with the VativoRx systems. The team’s innovative approach embraces flexibility, with the opportunity to accommodate virtually any benefit configuration or ad-hoc modification with speed and accuracy. Working in an ad-hoc manner allows the platform to reflect the challenges of real life. Many programs simply cannot handle the unpredictable, and health can often prove incredibly erratic in its nature. With a near infinite number of point-of-sale solutions, instantaneous online formulary, benefit and eligibility management and flexible control over the entire spectrum of pharmacy benefit options, this is a solution that is designed to be used by businesses of any and every sort, as opposed to specialists. Like every aspect of the platform, it opens doors to opportunity as opposed to closing them. To ensure that clients are always satisfied with the service they get, the team have taken the time to constantly reach out and ensure that they keep in touch with their needs. The team have developed two industry-leading communications channels in order to remain in effective contact. The first is the team’s member portal. This provides ongoing and updated access to general drug information, corporate communications and related industry news. For those who want to know a little more about VativoRx, it also contains a hub for frequently asked questions, contact information and a comprehensive self- service section. The other option available is the VativoRX Mobile App. This provides members with the same useful information on the go, simplifying their participation in health management through their prescription benefits. Because the app is in the hands of members, they can establish their profiles, identifying themselves as eligible for various options where appropriate. This empowers individuals to take responsibility and control of their own health where appropriate. The aim of VativoRx is not to shut the door on health, but to open up brand new opportunities for people, for organizations and for people everywhere. The aim of VativoRx has always been to make it easier for people to understand and manage their benefits, and to work out a way to be healthy that doesn’t cost the Earth. The continued success of this platform shows how effective the team have proven to be. Most Innovative Pharmaceutical Benefit Management Firm 2020 - USA