Global Excellence 2020

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 215 10 Acquisition International - Issue 9 2020 Superior Simatree Businesses today may have to overcome any number of issues, some of which can seriously impact the success of the business if not handled properly. It is during these times of uncertainty that businesses can call on the services of Simatree, awarded the title of Most Innovative Business & Strategic Advisory Firm 2020 - New York in this issue of Acquisition International. Following the firm’s success, we take a closer look at what it offers to learn more. imatree is a consultancy that is focused on strategy, technology, and analytics, specializing in data and digital transformation. In an ideal world, Simatree engages clients by helping them design, build, or enhance their Chief Data Officer role or program. Within its consultancy services, Simatree has two core service offerings: consulting and staffing. Through consulting, the firm supports its clients in the development and deployment of solutions to business issues, whilst the staffing services are aimed at providing talent to support clients in their challenges. Founded on the mission statement of “Exceptional People Empowering Exceptional People”, Simatree seeks the best people for its company in order to serve its clients. Since being founded, the firm has also maintained five key values: empowering people, inspiring passion, executing excellence, serving all, and embracing change. Three key factors make Simatree different and successful when it comes to the services it provides. Firstly, it is a boutique firm that operates with a personal touch. Few firms get the balance right, but Simatree certainly has. Secondly, the firm brings a holistic approach to both data and digital transformative services. Finally, everything is done with an ecosystems approach to business. Finally, everything is done with an ecosystem approach to business. The firm is an emerging company that ensures its relationships with clients and partners remain strong with tailored service. Simatree focuses on bringing the right support to each client, even if that means engaging with other vendors for the right tools or resources. If Simatree believes it cannot provide senior level support, it will not take on the engagement. Another vital component of Simatree is the unique mix of talent that is present in the company. Partners and principals alike have led large- scale transformations for Fortune 500 companies and public sector entities, and the firm has lived through the challenges that it is taking on for its clients. The experience has meant that the firm is comfortable helping its clients develop a solution and then working with clients to implement that solution. Simatree can develop the strategy, build the technology or algorithm, and then support the adoption and usage through good change management. The company culture internally epitomises good practice, with a transparent and engaged workplace. Employees are engaged in a cultural conversation that facilitates growth, seeing where the company can emulate success and what it should be doing differently. However, that does not mean that Simatree has been without its challenges. Like many other companies, Simatree has been inundated with challenges that have presented themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic that has swept the globe. Clients had two reactions to the pandemic: cut or transform. The former have worried S Jun20048 about budgets, and slashed spending on consultants in order to prioritize their resources, as they needed to in order to survive. The latter group of companies who elected to transform have been able to take the challenges presented by COVID-19 and turn them into opportunities to truly move into digital transformation. Whether it be by enabling a remote workforce, interacting differently with customers, or reflecting on what kind of company they want to be for the future, Simatree has been fortunate to work with many of these companies in the last few months. The entire mantra at Simatree is about alignment, and is present even in the company name. There is an opportunity for Simatree everywhere, and the firm will look for it at every opportunity. Whether it is with potential clients, potential recruits, or even the firm’s approach to work, Simatree strives to create the right alignment. When the right people and the right technologies come together for the right reasons, the outcomes can truly change the world. That is what Simatree stands for and believes in, and that is how it operates with such excellence. Company: Simatree, LLC Contact: Patrick McCreesh Website: The company culture internally epitomises good practice, with a transparent and engaged workplace. Most Innovative Business & Strategic Advisory Firm 2020 - New York