Global Excellence 2020

212 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 74 Acquisition International - Issue 7 2020 Oct19332 Amazing Aptitude for Architecture Tucson has been blessed with exceptional architecture, and there is no more qualified provider than Ron Robinette of Robinette Architects, Inc. Founded over thirty years ago, he has made a major impact on the area. Named as Best for Architectural and Interior Design Services 2020 - Southwest USA in Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards 2020, we look more closely at this firm to see what Ron and his team have to offer. ince being founded in 1984, Ron Robinette has made a name for himself as one of Southern Arizona’s foremost providers of architecture and interior design. A boutique firm, with a strong focus on individual homes that reflect both the owner’s lifestyle and the nearby Sonoran Desert, Ron has made his business into one of enviable success. From the beginning, Ron has been proud to offer clients a full service in terms of architectural design. This means that instead of having to turn to many different people and the organisation that comes with it, he will pull together a team of trusted and hardworking individuals who can get the job done quickly. As he works alongside some of the best consultants, builders and suppliers in the business, it’s no surprise that his projects are of a continually high standard. Ron and his team can handle any number of services that are essential to getting a project completed including feasibility studies, zoning analysis, property assessment and site selection, site planning & landscape design, architectural interiors, HOA submittals, permit & approval acquisition and construction documentation. This work, however, is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Robinette Architects is able to offer its clients. Ron also offers a comprehensive service when it comes to interior design. This means that clients can be safe in the knowledge that their property will be of the same high standards inside and out. This exciting proposition is based on the needs of the client. Everything from the interior finishes and lighting right down to the ways in which the walls are treated can be specified and achieved by Ron’s talented team. He is even able to apply this work to houses that simply require a remodel. Drawing out all the information requiredwith a comprehensive survey, Robinette Architects has proven its worth time and time again. One of the more innovative aspects of Robinette Architects’ work is its focus on ensuring that its projects are as environmentally friendly as possible. To this end, much of the team’s current work focuses on LEED Certification, and applying for this on completion. With a clear standard to reach, the value of working with Robinette Architects is clear. The impact that this decision has had on the business is obvious, not only Minimizing Site Disturbances, but allowing for Rainwater Harvesting & Grey Water Reuse as well as Passive Solar Design through Architectural Shading. While the changes are subtle, the results will have a massive impact on the multiple projects the firm has underway. It’s clear that at Robinette Architects, clients can be sure of an approach that puts them first and foremost. Instead of having to find many different players, Ron and his team can handle whatever work is necessary. Combined with his green thinking, it’s no wonder that he has been able to make his business such a success for the last thirty-six years. Company: Robinette Architects, Inc. Contact: Ron Robinette Web Address: S “...with a strong focus on individual homes that reflect both the owner’s lifestyle and the nearby Sonoran Desert, Ron has made his business into one of enviable success.” Best for Architectural and Interior Design Services 2020 - South West USA