Global Excellence 2020

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 211 Acquisition International - Issue 11 2020 9 Making Mobile Devices More Magnificent Saving a huge amount of design time, ISN also allows Resonant to create RF filter designs for difficult bands, modules, and other complex RFFE requirements that have the potential to be manufactured with excellent predictability, enabling achievement of the desire product performance in fewer turns through the foundry, compared to traditional approaches. This increase in complexity will no doubt be further accelerated by the transition to 5Gmobile services. In exploring the use of ISN for 5G networks, Resonant developed a brand new resonating structure, called XBAR®. XBAR technology is ideal for emerging 5G mobile devices that operate at higher frequencies in order to deliver higher bandwidths. Unlike other filter developments that push into higher frequencies, XBAR filters can be manufactured using existing fabrication processes for fast production. Many of Resonant’s customers include RF filter companies that need a new way to design their products. Already, Resonant is working with some of the industry’s largest RF filter manufacturers to make their design processes even more efficient. Taking those extra months and years off the design, fabrication, and testing process can be supremely helpful for manufacturers as it allows them to make more and focus more on innovation. Another market for Resonant is mobile device component companies that would like to move into the RF filter market. The ISN Foundry Program is an ecosystem of RF filter manufacturing firms that are certified by Resonant on different manufacturing processes. Using ISN for design and the ISN Foundry Program, Resonant offers a turnkey capability to allow these companies to enter the RF filter market. Resonant also believes that the only way the benefits of 5G networks become reality, is with more RF filter innovation. Resonant’s vision of the future is to enable RF innovation through the best software and the broadest IP library so that RF designers can do what they couldn’t do before. The firm has long believed that the future of the RF filter industry is tools, technology, and teamwork. Resonant will no doubt continue its push to become the leader of this paradigm shift. 5G wireless services are poised to make a significant impact for mobile device users and new IoT applications. For this to happen, however, all components and all parts of the mobile device must work seamlessly in tandem to ensure that they deliver on that potential. Without the exceptional work of Resonant, with its outstanding RF filter manufacturing tools and techniques, this future would take much longer to be realized. Higher frequency RF filters are needed to achieve the full benefit of next generation mobile devices and that takes new thinking and technology. With all the great software, cameras and other benefits of today’s phones, it’s easy to forget that without RF filters, user satisfaction would plummet. Thanks to Resonant’s ISN and XBAR technologies, 5G networks will be able to deliver all that they promise.