Global Excellence 2020

208 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 Acquisition International - Issue 8 2020 29 Apr20024 Passionate About Protection Based in Los Angeles, CA Resecurity, Inc. are cyber security specialists providing next-generation endpoint protection and intelligence-driven solutions. Following their success in the 2020 Global Excellence Awards, we got in touch with Gene Yoo to find out more. ounded in 2017, Resecurity, Inc. focuses primarily on enabling enterprises, national security and law enforcement agencies to combat cyber threats by providing intelligence, risk management and security capabilities. To start, Gene gives us a brief overview of Resecurity, Inc. and its typical client base. “Today, it’s not enough to just know what’s happening in your network. Organizations must have situational intelligence as to what’s happening outside their environment. “Resecurity, Inc is a cyber security company that delivers Context (Threat Intelligence Platform), Risk (Digital Risk Monitoring) and EPP (Endpoint Protection Platform) in-depth analysis layered on top of the most comprehensive and exclusive sets of data from the deep and dark web. Based on years of experience and our current work with international governments and law enforcement agencies, Resecurity, Inc.’s Hunter Unit pulls and analyses the best data, and delivers it in the most actionable format. “Typically, our products and services are offered to Fortune 100 companies as well as government agencies both domestically and internationally. With our platform able to provide solutions such as incident response, business email compromise and account takeovers, we believe we can solve any business challenge facing organizations, regardless of their size.” In the competitive world of cyber security, through the Hunter Research & Development Unit, the firm’s innovations in endpoint security have supported clients in many ways. Going into further detail, Gene highlights how Resecurity, Inc. is passionate about helping to protect their clients in whatever way they can. “Resecurity, Inc. specialize in valid and high-fidelity intelligence. Powered through this big data of intelligence, Risk and EPP solutions benefit not only from it’s on proprietary capabilities but also against proactive action- based intelligence. Through our Hunter Research & Development unit, all of the intelligence is curated and distributed through our platforms for reducing time, resources and money.” Although much of the firm’s success can be attributed to their core platform capabilities, it’s the feedback they have received from their clients which has helped attract new clients as Gene informs us. “Resecurity, Inc.’s success stems from decades of intelligence that has been collected and curated to provide our clients with the most comprehensive set of data that does not exist today. Managed by our human intelligence unit (Hunter), we provide our clients with the most targeted information for reducing alert fatigue and what is actually actionable. However, having received numerous client testimonials, it’s clear to see we are revolutionising cyber security for all.” Currently, we believe that all levels of businesses and government are facing the same challenge of commodity intelligence or open F source intelligence. As Gene further explains, without understanding what’s real (high fidelity and valid) and recycled intelligence many operators can be faced with noise and visualisation, which doesn’t apply to their organization. “There is too much recycled data vs actual intelligence and as a result a firm’s ability to defend against threats could be seriously harmed.” As a company, Resecurity, Inc. believe in collaborating as a team in order to provide the best possible service to their clients. As Gene goes on to explain, from minute one every member of staff is involved in the delivery of their core services. “Resecurity, Inc. is built by operators and they understand both offensive and defensive measures/countermeasures that would be meaningful to our clients. We are all integrated into the client’s business from providing strategic guidance, tactical execution and operational efficiencies for all.” Finally, Gene comments on the future of Resecurity, Inc. and the plans in place to ensure the firm remain a leader in endpoint protection and intelligence-driven solutions. “Going forward, we believe the key to our progression will be our efforts in digital marketing and education. Given the COVID-19 events and the advancement of threat adversaries evolving, it’s more than defence in depth, it’s about intelligence beyond your wall and to educate and provide the best simple, flexible, and actionable platform to defend against their adversaries.” Contact Name: Gene Yoo Telephone Number: (+1) 888 273 8276 Address: 445 S. Figueroa St. Suite 3100 Web Address: Most Innovative Endpoint Protection Platform 2020 - California