Global Excellence 2020

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 19 12 Acquisition International - Issue 5 2020 Mar20123 Superb Software Solutions Founded in 2005 by award-winning CEO David Mansilla, ISU Corp has since grown to become a world-class custom software solutions company. As Acquisition International continues to highlight companies of global excellence in 2020, today we shine a spotlight on this exceptional firm. Join us as we discover why it was recently awarded the coveted title of Most Innovative High-Tech Enterprise Software Company 2020 – Canada. SU Corp, headquartered in the technology triangle of Canada, is a high-tech company that specializes in software architecture, development, project management, and software user interface design, delivered by a comprehensive team of highly skilled and experienced tech professionals. Under the watchful eye and brilliant leadership of CEO David Mansilla, the firm has grown from budding tech start up to become a crucial partner for a wide range of companies in need of custom software solutions. Working with multinational companies including General Electric Energy, mid-size companies such as Labstat Analytics and successful start-ups like Ignite Insurance, ISU Corp has successfully completed several multi- million dollar software projects, and helped companies usher in a new era of digital success in an ever-evolving world. Crucially, software development is not reserved for a single industry or company. Rather, as the whole world begins to look ahead to new technologies and methodologies, more and more companies are examining ways that they can integrate these new developments in a way that can benefit their clients. ISU Corp provides these companies and industries with outstanding, cost-effective software development solutions that capitalise on a wealth of experience, client-centricity, and developmental focus. Using its innovative products such as ISU Core and Business AI, the firm is at the forefront of technological advancement for itself, and each one of its clients. The ISU Core product is the most advanced cloud application platform that accelerates custom application development. It can be up and running within two days with infrastructure, branding customization and be artificial intelligence ready. This allows their clients to save hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of investment by using the Core, whilst also focusing on their specific business needs. With their Business Intelligence assessment they focus on how their clients utilize software technology within their business and give them a road-map on what they need to implement in order to keep and grow their business. With ISU Corp’s team of forty senior consultants, including systems architects, project managers, software developers, quality assurance and business analysts, graphic designers, and supporting admin staff, they bring a wealth of experience and speed to any project. Through a technology business network, the firm also has access to a large number of technical specialists that can help on many different projects. Clients can rest assured that, with this business model, ISU Corp will always bring in the best people for the job, finishing on time with results that far exceed any expectations. Developing applications for the web and mobile can offer companies an opportunity to tap into a whole new world of potential customers, whilst serving existing ones and increasing market visibility. In order I to ensure the best first impression is made, companies should rely on a trusted provider of cross platform development to ensure smooth product launches and a high level of customer satisfaction. Many companies and industries may choose to completely outsource entire development of applications and software solutions to ensure speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness is maintained at the highest possible levels. ISU Corp can handle all the software development needs, giving clients the time to focus completely on what matters most to them; growing their business and garnering potential customers. ISU Corp has set the bar for standards when it comes to application engineering, product quality, anddeliverability, bymanaging thesoftware development life cycle through an in-house project management piece of software, IS Unified. Over the years, the firm has written software applications for many clients, and has always provided cloud-based development and testing environments. Following the exceptional results and services that these testing environments provide, the firm has found itself receiving requests from clients asking to manage their cloud-based production environments also. The main focus has always, and will always, remain on the client for the firm. Every single staff member goes the extra mile in ensuring client satisfaction, partnering with them to deliver success across every single individual project. Return on investment for clients is the top priority for everyone at ISU Corp, and the firm’s highly optimized ISU agile business process allows it to provide project delivery up to 25% faster. Business requirements are reviewed on a weekly basis in order to better meet the client’s goals and expectations. Ultimately, every project benefits from the firm’s desire to create a win- win environment, where partnership, honesty, and professionalism mandate every task completed for the client. Rapid advancement of technology is something that more and more companies will have to pay attention to. Technology is not going anywhere, and is swiftly becoming a more important part of people’s lives than ever before. For businesses and companies who want to be at the top of their industry, adapting and integrating this technology is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity. ISU Corp, with its exceptional services and breadth of professional skill, is the perfect partner for any company looking to maximize their growth and business profits. Contact: Cassie Zurbrigg Website: Most Innovative High-Tech Enterprise Software Company 2020 - Canada