Global Excellence 2020

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 183 18 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2020 Aug20194 Building Bridges In a world where Smart Cities are no longer a futuristic idea of science-fiction, innovation and technology form the foundations of the future. The Smart Cities that are already coming into existence are built around Smart Bridges created by Intelligent Solutions Inc. An IIoT information technology platform company with a SaaS delivery model, Intelligent Structures creates bridges with integrated digital elements designed to keep it performing at its optimum level. We spoke to CEO, Brian Westcott, to find out more. ituated in California, Intelligent Structures is an IIoT information technology platform company that creates Smart Bridges That Talk. The foundations of any smart city, a smart bridge is a technology-enabled bridge that includes digital elements that help the bridge to continue operating to the highest standard. Today, civil infrastructure is one of the few remaining major real assets not using digital measured performance for life-cycle management, but Intelligent Structures is on a mission to change this. This mission is two-fold. First, to develop an innovative bridge performance asset management platform and establish their leadership as an enterprise IIoT platform by providing bridge owners with data and decision support. Second, to provide a solution that is the standard application for global bridge asset management by reducing asset management costs and improving safety through real time, data driven decision making. For civil infrastructure to keep up in a world that is moving rapidly towards a highly urbanized and digitized model for human living, the industry will need to adopt the application of digital technology from an IIoT platform that will measure, analyze, and provide AI based predictive performance for fact-based decisions by bridge fleet owners. Led by CEO, Brian J Westcott, Intelligent Structures is paving the way towards this evolution. As Brian explains, “Our platform - IntelliStruct - is the IIoT enterprise platform for the future of bridge asset management. IntelliStruct incorporates a patented architecture to provide a sensor for enterprise cloud solutions for bridge performance asset management of a fleet of 1 to 100,000 bridges.” The IntelliStruct software utilizes proprietary technologies including low-cost sensor networks, big data analytics, machine learning and enterprise cloud software that enables bridge asset managers to monitor, analyze, and manage bridge life cycle performance. As a result, these smart bridge owners can make objective, fact-based decisions that will optimize the life-cycle management of their asset, making it safer, more productive and saving trillions of dollars in infrastructure value. Since the company’s inception, Intelligent Structures has been driven by innovation and bridge productivity. The start-up recognizes the potential of smart bridges and the fundamental role they play in the building of entire smart cities, from decreasing traffic congestion to enhancing public safety, communicating with autonomous vehicles S to even improving air quality, all with the help of the Internet of Things (IoT). With this passion for the future of smart bridges, Intelligent Structures is committed to providing superior solutions for their clients. Within the civil infrastructure industry, Intelligent Structures serves a diversity of clients, in particular the owners of transportation bridge assets. The firm collaborates with bridge owners and their partners such as architectural engineering firms, bridge component companies, and industrial information service providers, to create tailored solutions for clients. Principally, these solutions revolve around improving the mobility and safety of bridge transportation assets. This is a company of the future and as such, is made up of innovators and forward-thinkers. As a start-up that is still laying its own foundations within the industry, Intelligent Structures recruits those who thrive on innovation and regularly demonstrate their commitment to building a company that has a positive impact on society. In return, the Intelligent Structures environment is one which supports its team to grow and reach their full potential, meeting their own career goals whilst dedicating their efforts to excellent customer service. Consequently, Intelligent Structures is an organization practically buzzing with innovation, and the drive of every member of the team is what will continue to push the firm ahead as it strives for progress. Even in the face of obstacles, such as introducing a new approach to bridge infrastructure management into an established industry that abides by the tried and tested methods, Intelligent Structures remains unfazed and determined to revolutionize the industry as they set their plans on global expansion and the cultivation of a worldwide network. There is no doubt that in this increasingly digitized world, Intelligent Structures will be one to watch. Contact: Brian J Westcott Company: Intelligent Structures, Inc. Web Address: 2020's Leading Innovators in Bridge Performance Management