Global Excellence 2020

178 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 44 Issue 1 2021 Driving Global Developments As the world has become more globalized, business has had to move to match it. With every country working to different standards, it’s little surprise that many have struggled to make the best possible investments in time and resources. Named Most Innovative HR Technology Company 2020 – USA in AI’s Global Excellence Awards, the team at Expandopedia have achieved unprecedented success. We take a closer look to find out more. mploying overseas staff is always a challenge. Many companies simply don’t know the difficulties involved and while the internet has proven to be an incredible resource, it can be overwhelming in the information it provides. A solution was needed, one which could act as an overall platform for business, offering the essential tools and resources required to enable smooth business operations. The solution is Expandopedia. Although the team is headquartered in Chicago, they have provided a revolution for the labor marker internationally. Where once firms would have had to look to local HR providers for knowledge, Expandopedia offers a cheap, accurate perspective on the region direct to an organization. The nature of the firm means that businesses can have the insights, tools and support businesses need to execute a global strategy quickly and confidently. Building such an effective platform has involved creating a network of professionals who are experts in the HR field. This means that Expandopedia is powered by HR experts, local accountants, lawyers, employment advisors, analysts, HR professionals and labor law researchers. What unites this disparate group of people is a passion for partnering with businesses to encourage them to grow and thrive in a global market. Without this commitment to collaboration, it’s unlikely that the team would have been able to make such a big impact in such a short amount of time. When businesses turn to Expandopedia, they gain access to thousands of useful documents, including global HR templates and guides in local languages and English. This paperwork is the first step to ensuring that an employer has the tools for every stage of the employee lifecycle. This approach goes even further in the USA where the differences between state borders can create new and interesting challenges for business. Having the resources to take a truly local approach is a major benefit to take on Expandopedia as a platform. As a highly regarded source when it comes to legal matters, Expandopedia is also the first port of call for those who are looking for vias. The team have collated and verified the information involved in work and borders to explain simply and effectively what needs to be done to ensure all work is done legally and to everyone’s satisfaction. As a platform that looks at the labor market from an international perspective, it makes sense that the team takes the time to source the latest global news, currency conversion and stock market alongside its other responsibilities. This information is invaluable to many E businesses, offering context and understanding that will help to guide decisions for individual organizations. Each business will have different requirements when it comes to exploring international HR solutions, which is why Expandopedia has a variety of different packages on offer for clients. Clients can subscribe to the Basic, Premium or Enterprise packages, each providing a way forward that fits the needs of any company. As companies progress through the packages, they find themselves able to access more information to help their business progress. The Premium Package opens the door to an expert who is on hand to provide sector- and region-specific support, while the Enterprise Package provides a dedicated account manager. These employees are chosen to meet your every need, ensuring that your time with Expandopedia is as good as possible. Each part of Expandopedia, from advice givers to HR templates is designed to flow smoothly from one place to another. As such, the team have been able to achieve some truly amazing results incredibly quickly. The nature of Expandopedia means that it is still finding its footing within the labor market. Many do not know that it exists, but those who do have become incredibly loyal very quickly. It’s easy to see why. The solution that Expandopedia offers is specifically designed to be used by businesses. As time goes on, the team hope that this loyalty will allow for further expansion of the firm’s aims and ambitions. The heart of the firm naturally lies with its talented team, from CEO, Rick Hammell, to Jennifer Lowe, the Editor in Chief and comprehensive network of HR experts, local accountants, lawyers, employment advisors, analysts, HR professionals and labor law researchers. Everyone shares the same passion for labor and ensuring that businesses are able to find the right people to help them expand. When Expandopedia launched in 2020, it was in a world that was forced to change rapidly. This change applied to every industry on an international scale as the global pandemic took hold. Now that there are vaccines out there and the world of business is moving out of survival mode, it’s likely that more and more people will be looking to Expandopedia for what it can offer. The benefits of a business intelligence solution in this climate are obvious. The future is looking more stable, but travel will still be difficult for months, maybe years to come. This has created enormous challenges for those organizations that do businesses in Sep20063 Most Innovative HR Technology Company 2020 - USA