Global Excellence 2020

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 177 Acquisition Intern tional - Issue 9 20 9 Aug20373 Broadening Your Possibilities With Insightful Data Building on a solid data platform, Greenwich.HR is leading the push into a more nuanced and transparent world of market insights. Collecting, collating and utilising a vast store of real-time data, they make it a priority to work with their clients and ensure success in a way that should be commended. They not only give companies an edge with data insights, they form a partnership to make sure their clients can make the most out of that edge. reenwich.HR’ s approach to market data is making huge waves in the data intelligence industry. Their collection of cutting- edge market data that is showing their clients how to innovate, and how to take advantage of and create new opportunities, all while bringing transparency to the market itself. Their success speaks for itself. Through their approach and using all the data they have at their disposal, Greenwich.HR help deliver financial and brand success on a massive scale. Working together with their clients, they don’t simply sell insights, they help forge a stronger and more successful brand. The secret behind their success and ability to help businesses reach new heights is their incredible data platform. Greenwich.HR make it their duty to learn as much about the market as possible and turn it into insights that they can use to help their clients. The Greenwich.HR data platform is the largest, fastest growing, and highest-definition platform in the world for the markets they serve, especially the labour market - their biggest sector. They capture over 70 per cent of all new jobs and integrate real-time hiring data and pay behaviours. The sheer amount of data available on the platform is shocking and is a huge boon to any of their clients. With so much raw data and insight available, Greenwich.HR have been able to push their service to a level higher than similar data companies. Instead of seeing data delivery as a purely transactional service, they instead work with their clients to get the most out of the data available. They ensure that every single client makes money from their data insights. This is where they measure their success, and it makes them stand out as a fantastic company to have on your side. Greenwich.HR ensure they positively impact their clients’ businesses by judging themselves by their clients’ successes. They measure new products that they help companies create, they measure the new service lines and profit opportunities they help to generate. They look at research projects that they have helped to get funding, and they judge themselves by the improvement in their client’s brand leadership. The result is that Greenwich.HR develop a deeper client loyalty and faster sales growth. They are client-focussed in a way that not many data companies are, and it sets them apart. It means that each and every member of the Greenwich.HR team has a stake in making sure their clients get the best service and the best utility of their data insights. And this, of course, ensures exemplary customer service. Not only does this help them grow as a company, but it lends itself to their mission. They want to bring more transparency to the markets G The Greenwich.HR data platform is the largest, fastest growing, and highest-definition platform in the world for the markets they serve, especially the labour market - their biggest sector. they operate in, while driving greater levels of innovation, efficiency and performance. If more companies understand the markets they move in at a fundamental level, there will be more business, more growth and more success. One of the largest obstacles Greenwich.HR is facing is that it isn’t immediately apparent to companies how advantageous it can be to have access to real-time, high-definition market intelligence. Greenwich.HR is working on proving that insightful, intelligent decisions backed up by proven data can make a huge difference to a company’s bottom line. Of course, this is only possible because of the solid data platform they have developed and built the business on. Contact: Cary Sparrow Website: Most Innovative Data Solutions Provider – 2020