Global Excellence 2020

172 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 46 Acquisit on International - Issue 10 2020 Aug20519 Securing Repeatable Project Success Managing a project proactively and effectively is very often the key to ensuring a successful outcome. So much emphasis can be placed on results, that the process of managing the project throughout can sometimes be lost. However, one firm has taken it upon itself to ensure that every client can see their every project through to successful resolution. Cloud Coach has been named the Best Enterprise Project Management Software Provider 2020 in this issue of Acquisition International, so we endeavour to find out more about the company. ounded in 2010, Cloud Coach is a firm who have created enterprise-class project management and productivity software, built on the Salesforce infrastructure that has been created specifically for businesses who are looking to make strategic investments in their success. The Cloud Coach suite of tools for, PSA, PPM, and Productivity, can be utilized to simplify everyday tasks. Simplifying tasks may sound routine, but the software has many knock-on effects and benefits that can seriously impact on a business moving forward. Effective simplification can lead to increases in productivity across the board, which in turn allows a business to grow by giving them the time to concentrate on core aspects of service delivery. Implementing and following these best practice processes in a repeatable and successful manner can lead to major strategic advantages for clients. The mission for Cloud Coach is simple: to deliver ongoing value for its customers through providing Project Management solutions that help them to be more efficient every day in their various roles. Cloud Coach is a product-led company, and it has the same product architects and core software development team today that it had a decade ago. This has allowed the firm to take a long-term view with its product roadmap, and also repay the loyalty from its team with investment and opportunity to grow. One of the reasons that this system has worked so well for Cloud Coach is because many of its competitors do not think the same way. Instead, they outsource the design and build of their products, which is a ticking time bomb in the long-term. How exactly does the Cloud Coach platform drive the success of its clients though? Well, it all begins with the software driving adoption and success throughout a client’s organization by using a platform that lets each department visualize work the way that it wants to, and the way that works best for itself. Whilst other platforms may lead to confusion and miscommunication between departments because of this, Cloud Coach ensures that this multitude of visualizations for the client does not take away from the teams following best F practice business processes and remaining as communicative and collaborative as possible. Each department within a company can work in a different way to all the others, and staying ahead of this as a business is core to keeping communication lines open and clear throughout the duration of a project, especially one that is multidisciplinary. Software that Cloud Coach provides can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each department within a business, or the process that it is currently going through. As well as having unique processes and departments, each business is also inherently unique from many others out there, and so the software provided by Cloud Coach has to be well and truly tailored in order to achieve the desired effects. On top of the outstanding individualization that each client receives when it comes to their software, there is also an exceptional level of intuitiveness and seamlessness to the software provided. Each interface and platform that end-users come into contact with can both drive user adoption rates, and also supercharge the data accuracy that they are then later receiving. Anything to make the process smoother and more intuitive is undoubtedly a bonus, and Cloud Coach has certainly mastered that art. Clients are also able to access key performance indicators that drive decision-making processes at the higher echelons of a business. Leaders and decision-makers can visualize all the key insights they need to drive profitable decision- making across the company. Throughout its ten-year history, Cloud Coach has prided itself on guiding its clients through the complete journey of finding a solution to a business problem, and making it into a positive and profitable outcome that a business can utilize. First and foremost, there is always an initial step to the process that ensures that Cloud Coach is a good fit for a client’s business, and that it is being used to the best of its ability. Too often, business productivity software is installed but never utilized correctly. Cloud Coach’s premium consulting and support system is there to make sure that the software is working properly for the client, and helping them generate success for their business. As with any organization, staff are critical to the success that Cloud Coach has experienced. Blessed with a team that can all pull together to bring value for the customers every single day, Cloud Clients are also able to access key performance indicators that drive decision-making processes at the higher echelons of a business. Best Life Coach Training & Certification Provider 2020 - USA