Global Excellence 2020

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 169 Acquisi International - Issu 9 2020 13 Apr20085 Recognizing Reliable Researchers Research plays an increasingly vital role in the world’s infrastructure, allowing people and companies the opportunity to see how a policy or plan will play out amongst a large group of people. The team at Black Book Market Research LLC have been noted as Recognised Leaders in Healthcare Technology Research 2020 – USA in Acquisition International’s rolling series of Global Excellence Awards. We profile the firm to find out more. ased in Tampa, Florida, the team at Black Book Market Research have been able to achieve great things. Since being founded in 2002, they have become regarded as one of the most trustworthy names in an increasingly vital field. The world of healthcare is one where public opinion is variable, but public trust is paramount. Thanks to the efforts of the Black Book Market Research team, medical professionals around the world have been able to express their opinions safely. The company has proven experience in a variety of different fields, providing full-service, healthcare-centric research. Often this involves undertaking competitive intelligence, market research, opinion mining, sentiment analysis, services evaluation and strategic consulting services to Fortune 2000 companies worldwide. Media outlets also utilize the services available, commissioning their own private polling to discover new information. Highly respected organizations such as the U.S. News & World Report and The Wall Street Journal have turned to Black Book Market Research for assistance in this area. While the team are being recognized in this publication for their triumph in the sphere of healthcare, the team at Black Book Market Research are actually split into four divisions. These cover a great deal of ground and a variety of topics. Black Book Rankings serves the needs of the healthcare industry, while Black Book Reports covers issues relating to the environment, sustainability, the energy industry, and non-profits. The team at Black Book Polls focus in on the challenges surrounding politics, government, and education with the final division named Opinion Miners, which provides database mining. Database mining involves the transformation of raw data into useful information and is a vital tool that Black Book Market Research can offer. Often, it is not the data that is the key, but how effectively this information is interpreted. Black Book Market Research is an extremely prolific company, and the team have been able to produce over 200 annual market research reports that focus on the healthcare technology and service industries alone. These reports are taken as part of multi-scale research projects to measure items of interest. Understandably, these documents hold a great deal of information that can be used to make these industries function even more well for patients and customers. Just some of the information held in these documents includes the annual rankings of client experience, brand loyalty, and satisfaction Company: Black Book Market Research LLC Name: Doug Brown Web Address: B for a variety of technology and managed services fields, including electronic health records, health information exchanges, banking, insurance, education, outsourcing, and government. This sort of data can provide a great deal of insight into how well a healthcare system is operating. What sets Black Book Market Research apart is the trust it has earned from so many high-profile clients. These are people who cannot afford to get it wrong, so employ Black Book Market Research to get it right. Over 12,000 clients including the USA’s top 100 financial institutions, 300 largest hospitals, 50 top insurers, 100 top universities, and the world’s 400 largest technology firms, are on the team’s books. They achieve such high levels of satisfaction that these clients continue to return year after year. The importance of market research cannot be understated, with decisions made now having an impact for years into the future. Black Book Market Research has made its name in securing the best results for its clients. With such a strong reputation to uphold, it’s sure to be a formidable name long into the future. Recognised Leaders in Healthcare Technology Research 2020 - USA