Global Excellence 2020

166 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 4 Acquisit on International - Issue 10 2020 Awesome Approyo Businesses in the modern world have had to experience unparalleled transformation unlike many other times that have gone before. Companies have had to transform their business processes, and Approyo has been hard at work helping them do just that. Approyo specializes in SAP technology, and has therefore been recognized in this issue of Acquisition International as one of 2020’s Leaders in SAP Cloud Solutions – USA. We find out more about this exceptional firm and what it offers in order to learn more about its successes. ince its inception, Approyo has specialized in SAP technology, providing SAP solutions as a service to companies of all sizes and industries. The firm is a global Managed Services Provider (MSP) that also specializes in any SAP core competencies, including SAP HANA, S/4HANA, Leonardo, and many others. In essence, Approyo assists clients in reaching their highest potential by implementing, migrating, and upgrading systems, giving them better real-time data, organization, and reduced complexity. The firm operates under the motto of “SAP Made Simple”, and it couldn’t achieve that any better. Approyo makes the huge process of making changes to any Enterprise Resource System (ERP) less daunting, and helps clients every step of the way when it comes to making a business the best it can possibly be. Across its broad range of truly exceptional services, Approyo provides tailored services packages that are based on the needs of a client business, before then going on to work with the client in perfecting that package. Complimented by 24/7 support for clients, the firm is wholly reliable and willing to assist clients with any problems or requests they may face. The founding mission of Approyo has been, and will always be, to help businesses be better. The entire basis of the firm is to help companies transform their business processes, and utilizing the power of SAP is key to that. SAP can help businesses improve their decision making, and then ultimately improve their ROI in the long run. For the team at Approyo, the client always comes first. Believing strongly in integrity and trust from all involved parties, the firm aims to ensure healthy business relations at every stage of the process. Approyo provides quality services and quick time-to-value as it is extremely important in building the trust, and it’s the teamwork from the staff that allows this to transpire. Staff are true experts in SAP, and that is evident by looking at others working in the ERP industry. Oftentimes, companies similar to Approyo do not have a main focus of their work, and instead provide any and all ERP solutions by request. What makes this firm so different and so exceptional is that its focus is only in SAP, making it a reliable and trustworthy expert with all the knowledge. Though it does provide integrative services such as SAP combined with Microsoft Azure or AWS, SAP is always involved. Now that technology is so widely available to businesses across the world, Approyo prides itself on being able to work with and serve clients throughout all industries, and of all sizes. Any business that needs the firm’s assistance can receive it at a time that suits them best. The largest portion of clients comes form the hospitality and hotel industries, though clients have hailed from industries including S oil and gas, information technology, and many more. Not only does Approyo serve its own clients, but the firm also works with partners to serve their clients as well. For its partnerships, Approyo serves as a sort of external IT team for them, managing their clients’ SAP systems for them. Approyo is not a typical IT company. Contrasting to a lot of stereotypes about companies and individuals who choose to work in the IT industry, Approyo is a bright, vibrant, and exciting place to work, and one which employees genuinely look forward to coming to each week. Employees who love their job will work harder and feel more passionately about what they are doing, leading to better results for the client. Though work comes first and the demands that Approyo must help clients, there is a fine balance in every day to ensure that employees are happy and healthy. There are unlimited drinks and snacks in the office, nerf guns, scooters, and a whole lot more to help the atmosphere feel as though it is one of warmth and welcoming. This is perhaps emphasised best by the Approyo CEO, Christopher Carter, who always says “Life is too short. You have to have fun while you’re still here.” This atmosphere feeds into the fact that the staff at Approyo are the foundation of the firm’s existence. Service delivery teams and helpdesk employees are the ones taking care of the clients on a daily basis, doing the dirty work behind the scenes that allows the clients themselves to focus on their business. Then, there is the executive sales team who are the one making the business decisions regarding partnerships and clients, all whilst organizing objectives and strategies. One team brings in new clients, whilst the other team assists the clients with their business needs and helps them reach their potential. Across both teams, recruiting the best and brightest in the industry is of the utmost importance. Approyo wishes to hire those share a passion and the drive to learn new things. Recruiting online is the simplest way to do this, but it can be difficult to find locals with the SAP experience the firm requires. The firm really dives deep during the interview process to ensure whether or not someone is a fit for Approyo, but it is also willing to help them learn and give them the tools to do so. Interns are a huge asset for the firm, allowing itself to train them in specific skillsets and hopefully add them to the team once they have shown improvement and understanding of the job role. However, it is not just about getting interns and staff members to understand what the services are. One of the key challenges that Approyo has faced in the past is the level of understanding of the cloud amongst clients. In the beginning, people were just discovering the cloud and its benefits, but they did Jun20258 Contact: Alexandra Goudy Website: 2020's Leaders in SAP Cloud Solutions - USA