Global Excellence 2020

156 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 24 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2020 Nov19014 lockchain technology has become one of the most sought-after technologies especially in the trade finance market, allowing it to transact and finance trade assets securely and efficiently between trading parties and financial institutions. Encouraging its partners and customers to connect in a smarter, safer, and more transparent way than ever before, TradeIX is one of the world’s leading providers of technology for global trade and supply chains. Spearheaded by trailblazer and pioneer CEO Robert Barnes, the firm enables companies to finance, transact and exchange data in entirely new and transformative ways using blockchain and cloud technologies. Working with clients large and small all over the world, TradeIX is a global partner for any financial institution looking to gain efficiencies, increase opportunities and offer new solutions in the rapidly-changing trade finance market. Both global and regional banks as well as businesses of all industries have partnered with the firm. Bringing people together, TradeIX is responsible for connecting buyers and suppliers to their banks, insurers, logistics providers and their extended supply chain ecosystem. Having worked almost exclusively within trade and supply chain finance in the last twenty years, there is no one better to work on the future of trade finance than Robert Barnes. Prior to co-founding TradeIX, Robert was responsible for founding and working alongside other network companies, providing them with supply chain finance solutions, e-billing and procurement platforms. During the last three years, with the development, emergence and ongoing evolution of blockchain and cloud technologies, TradeIX brought new levels of connectivity, security and efficiency to the market place. Today, TradeIX has become the key organization in helping leverage these latest innovative technologies to deliver a completely different approach to trade and working capital solutions. TradeIX is also the founding member of the Marco Polo Network. Launched in 2017, Marco Polo has quickly become the largest and fastest-growing trade and working capital finance network in the world. The Marco Polo Network is a joint undertaking between TradeIX and blockchain technology firm R3, as well as the world’s leading financial institutions and their corporate clients. This network represents exciting advancements in global trade and working capital solutions. Some of the antiquated systems that banks and corporations have been using are simply not fit for purpose anymore, in what has become a modern and highly-connected global trading environment. The Marco Polo Network, seeks to connect many different broken and fractured processes on a distributed platform which is truly global and connecting all parties. The goal is to have it become the largest network in the world, with millions of participants that can transact seamlessly in a frictionless, safe, private and cost-effective manner. B Technological innovations continue to permeate many industries, sectors and markets across the world as advancements are made every single day. Bringing new technology to the financial industry is TradeIX, Acquisition International’s Most Innovative Trade Finance Technology Solutions Firm for 2020. To learn more about how TradeIX is leading the way for other financial technology pioneers, we profiled the firm. Creating Capital Connection Robert’s leadership has proven instrumental in the rapid success of both TradeIX and the Marco Polo Network. What began with just four people in one room only three years ago has now become a global organization of more than 100 employees around the world. Robert’s sagacious guidance and vision at the head of the firm has seen it grow from strength to strength during the last years. Of course, the success of any leader is also down to their workforce. Robert has surrounded himself with other visionaries, trailblazers and pioneers, empowering them to deliver the message of TradeIX and the Marco Polo Network all over the world. Like-minded individuals have helped Robert illuminate the possibilities of leveraging this new distributed platform and network to make radical changes to the world of global trade and working capital finance. Staying two steps ahead, Robert has built a story of success to rival some of the biggest tech giants in the world today. Looking ahead, Robert is as unrelenting as ever in his pursuit of delivering exceptional service that actually matters to clients, new and old. With more than thirty financial institutions already on board and fifty more well on the way, the future for both TradeIX and the Marco Polo Network is very bright indeed. Company: TradeIX TradeIX: Marco Polo Network: Most Innovative Trade Finance Technology Solutions Firm - 2020