Global Excellence 2020

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 155 Acquisi International - Issu 7 2020 2 Feb20281 ormed in 2015, the aim of Time Partners was to build a specialist merchant bank, combining best advice, creative solutions and a client first philosophy. The result has been truly exceptional, with all clients who use their services benefitting from the care that the team puts forward. Under the capable leadership of Mark Florman, the firm has gone from strength to strength, hitting many landmark achievements along the way. Time Partners does not operate like other firms, embracing a counter- cultural style that would seemout of place if it weren’t such a successful approach. Instead of heading purely in one direction, the company is designed to draw on all of the strengths of each of its partners. Because of carefully calculated, complementary backgrounds, the firm is uniquely positioned to generate creative solutions that change the way in which businesses work for the better. The firm has built up two areas of strength where it is able to truly excel. These two areas are strategic advisory and investment advisory. Strategic advisory plays into the innovative way in which the company solves complicated issues for families and companies alike. Clients who are able to take advantage of Time Partners’ strategic planning and policy advice will find it easier to reach their specific goals and long term ambitions. For family-owned businesses, this is especially useful as a service, providing advice for those intending to transition from founder-operator to investor as smoothly as possible, drawing on Time Partners’ own history as a business that is and remains family owned. The firm has been lucky enough to work alongside some of the world’s largest families, industrial groups and governments, advising them on how best to move forward. With such vast experience under their belts, Time Partners has also been able to engage with institutions and trade bodies as a key policy advisor that provide critical guidance on a host of issues. In terms of investment advisory, the personalised approach championed by Time Partners means that instead of being driven by product, the advice given is entirely independent. Tailored to suit a client’s specific requirements, the team is able to provide support through every stage of the investment process. This means that every step, from sourcing to selecting, from reviewing to building a private capital investment portfolio, clients can rest easy with an experience guide at their side. For corporate customers, the team have created an impressive international network which can be utilised by clients. This means that Time Partners advise on a range of issues, such as capital F It’s hard to find a truly unique firm nowadays, especially in the world of merchant banking. For the team at Time Partners, however, the aim was always to create something thoroughly individual. Putting clients first might seem obvious, but when applied by a talented team, it has allowed the firm to be named as Best Private Markets Investment Advisor 2020 – UK. We decided to explore the company to find out more. Building Industrial Portfolios in Private Markets raising, valuations and direct investments. The team draws on strong relationships with investors, corporations and families to provide the best options for businesses of any sort. A true partner is every regard, Time Partners is there to ensure that all the correct processes are undertaken, such as due diligence, investment structuring and post- investment monitoring. The work that Time Partners undertakes is important to both businesses and families, allowing them to move forward and thrive in uncertain territory. It goes without saying that this is thanks to the way in which the team has taken a client-based approach that serves to focus the work in a way that rewards all involved. Contact: Charlotte Crouch Web Address: Best Private Markets Investment Advisor 2020 - UK