Global Excellence 2020

150 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 6 Acquisition International - Issue 4 2020 Exceptional Expert Witness It’s hard to overstate the importance of experts, and their place in ensuring that considered opinions and judgements are reached. The world of Richard Scott-Watson is one where accuracy makes all the difference for those who have been affected by life-changing injuries. It’s why he, and his company RSW Medico-Legal, has been recognised in Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards 2020 as Best Orthopaedic Expert Witness 2020 – UK. We took a closer look to find out more. ased in Stourbridge, but with clinics in Birmingham, Bristol, Coventry, Oxford and Swindon, Mr Scott-Watson performs an important service for those who have been involved in injuries that were not their fault. Working as an independent perspective for a number of different clients, ranging from claimant solicitors to defendant solicitors to insurance companies, he has built a well- earned reputation for fairness and accuracy. This is especially important, as his work plays a major part in court cases. The work that Mr Scott-Watson is asked to contribute to these judgements is that of medico-logical reports, focusing specifically on orthopaedic traumatic injury. Because of the legal delicacy of these reports, Mr Scott-Watson must apply incredibly high standards to his work, including the requirements of the Civil Procedure Rules. As many cases are time-sensitive, his ability to be flexible and work to tight deadlines has proven incredibly useful, and makes him a valued asset to a number of different legal teams. The need to submit reports that are both grounded in reality and succinct is essential. When asked to act as expert witness, Mr Scott-Watson must first see the client. This is the way in which he can discover their perspective and explore the ways in which an injury might have affected them personally. The same injury will affect two different people in very different ways, so it is essential that the report takes this into account. As a result, instead of a questionnaire being completed and computer report writing software used, the old-fashioned techniques of pen, paper and dictation are used. Even then, the latter is completed electronically so files can be emailed back to the office necessary at the end of a session. RSW Medico-Legal is a two-man-operation, with Mr Scott-Watson’s secretary handling essential administration tasks and freeing Mr Scott-Watson to focus on his work for clients. Looking forward, he has no plans to expand the business, but is always looking at new ways of working as well as new techniques that improve on the old. Like all true professionals, he sees problems and mistakes as an opportunity to learn something new. Being an Expert Witness is a career in its own right, with the role encompassing an enormous amount of work above and beyond having another role in the heath profession. This specialist role requires its own qualifications in order to fully understand the process that is undertaken and to inform the court to an appropriate level. A major risk of the role is breaching the rules, which covers taking sides or trying to make the case. Many of Mr Scott-Watson’s peers still make this error and the only reason that Mr Scott-Watson himself has ever ended up in court has been because the other expert has broken the rules. B Nov19059 Since 1990, Mr Scott-Watson has completed over 20,000 reports, with an average of 900 per year. He is the definition of prolific in his profession. His hard work has played an important part in so many cases, helping others to find the justice that they so rightly deserve. Company: RSW Medico-Legal Contact: Mr Richard Scott-Watson BSc Mb BS LLB CUEW DDAM FRCS(Ed) Website: “Since their inception, Quantera Global has supported their clients in every aspect of transfer pricing. compliance burden, as well as obtain better control of their transfer pricing exposures.” Best Orthopaedic Expert Witness 2020 - UK