Global Excellence 2020

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 147 Acquisi International - Issu 3 2020 21 Europe has increased recently, and Qcom has invested significantly in its capacity to handle this demand. Despite already delivering services into seventeen European countries, there are signs that this will grow even further in the coming twelve months. The final aspect of growth that Qcom must contend with is that of customers expecting and pushing for ever faster responses. In an always-on economy, it falls to companies like Qcom to meet this requirement and be available to offer services at unusual times, such as weekends, evenings or on same-day to help manufacturers meet these increasing demands. The expansion of the Internet of Things, not to mention increasing use of RFID technology, presents whole new frontiers to a company like Qcom. Having spent forty years supporting new technologies, it’s no surprise that the Qcom team has few concerns about staying ahead of this technological curve. Their strong track record of developing solutions to support these new concepts means that they have no anxieties about meeting these new challenges head on. For the team at Qcom, the most important thing is providing an excellent service that not only reflects well on them, but on the brands that they are representing. This care and attention to details is just one of the many things that has elevated the company to its considerable success. Technology Aftermarket Support Secures Success “The crucial difference between Qcom and its competitors is that it trusts its workforce to do its job, recruiting for service as well as technical excellence. By putting processes in place to empower these experts, it’s no surprise that they are keen to use initiative to go the extra mile and deliver enviable results for their customers.”