Global Excellence 2020

142 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 48 Acquisit on International - Issue 7 2020 Feb20405 Company: Paton Developments Contact: Milly Carver Web Address: www. or over twenty years, Paton Developments has been performing a vital service for the hospitality market. Working alongside some of the top brands in the industry, the team have made their mark as a provider of top-quality craftsmanship and exceptional design choices. With such a strong reputation, it can be of little surprise that the Paton Developments team has grown significantly since its humble beginnings. There is no stronger selling point than word of mouth about a job well done, and the team have always sought to make their work truly astonishing. Paton Developments handles a range of different refurbishment roles and renovation roles, ranging from bedroom and bathroom rollouts to restaurant renovations. Entire hotels have been newly outfitted by the team, whether a blank slate of a new build or a tried and tested look that needs sprucing up. The results are always astonishing. Much of this is a credit to the hardworking team, who partner up with businesses to create something both parties can be proud of. The fifty-strong operational staff and over sixty-strong site construction staff have proven themselves to be premier providers of a number of different services. The specialist team are capable of handling whatever is required, drawing on skilled property surveyors, architects, interior designers, programme managers, construction directors, contract managers, site managers and quantity surveyors to get the job done. With years of experience in matters such as value engineering, interior design, space planning, procurement and storage & distribution, clients are delighted to have their high expectations exceeded each and every time by this talented team. The success of Paton Developments comes from its ability to offer a full turnkey service, designed to suit the specific needs of a client. With its own distribution facility, the team are able to ensure that production is smooth and disruption minimal throughout the length of a project. Instead of relying on other suppliers to provide items are specific times, everything is stored and catalogued in the warehouse. A bespoke ‘stock, track and trace’ system ensures that deliveries for different projects can be picked, collated and packed in accordance with the lead contractor build requirements. Instead of having different elements arrive at the hotel in parts, complete rooms can be built onto pallets and stored onsite. This unique opportunity gives contractors the chance to complete a single room with all the required materials stored in one place. Groups and organisations including Hotel Du Vin, Malmaison, Village Urban Resorts, Abor Hotels and Virgin Active have taken advantage of Paton Development’s considerable abilities. Recently, the team have worked alongside the full refurbishment of eighteen hotels across the Village Urban Resorts portfolio. The success of this work led to F The hospitality market is always looking for a new look. Keeping modern and up to date is what brings people in. For most businesses, therefore, the team at Paton Developments are key. Recognised in Acquisition International’s 2020 Global Excellence Awards as Most Outstanding in Hospitality Renovation & Refurbishment Services – UK, we look at this impressive company to see what lessons we can learn from its success. The Modern Touch Paton Developments being invited to work on more projects by the group, including five new builds. These projects have allowed Paton Developments to demonstrate their considerable ability, showcasing their work. Despite the need to appeal to a broad demographic, the team at Paton Developments have managed to design some truly wonderful areas that highlight the service of their clients. Needless to say, Paton Developments is a mainstay of the hospitality scene, though one seldom talked about. Offering a vital service, their recognition here is well deserved. As the team continue to go from strength to strength, we look forward to covering more of their impressive achievements in the future. “Entire hotels have been newly outfitted by the team, whether a blank slate of a new build or a tried and tested look that needs sprucing up. The results are always astonishing.” Most Outstanding in Hospitality Renovation & Refurbishment Services - UK