Global Excellence 2020

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 133 40 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2020 Recruitment Revolution Recruitment is a challenging business to get right, with people on both sides wanting opposing things. For those in London looking for PA jobs and office support, the answer is clear. Join us as we take a closer look at Love Success, and its diverse and continually expanding business. stablished in 2010, Love Success understands what it means to find the perfect job. Focused on filling vacancies in the areas of secretarial and PAwork, from permanent roles to contract jobs to temporary work, this small company manages to do it seamlessly. With an incredibly low staff turnover, Love Success knows what it means to find the perfect match for both candidate and client. This is why it has gained the reputation as being one of the best recruitment agencies in London, with a number of highly-regarded clients to its name. The work of Love Success places candidates and clients at the forefront of the recruitment process. With clients, they get to know the business and the people, so they are able to seamlessly integrate into the organisation. For candidates, the focus is very much on treating them as individuals with their own unique preferences and personalities. A friendly, personal approach allows recruiters to know the person beneath before the start of the job hunt, establishing the intent of the change before beginning the process. Love Success has a talented team who are meticulous at search and selection. Clients can be assured of a thoroughly researched candidate who has been interviewed and screened prior to being sent through. Potential job seekers are invited to join Love Success by appointment only, with 60% of their candidates joining them by word- of-mouth referrals. While a large amount of the placements that the team at Love Success have filled are office support jobs or temporary roles, the diverse portfolio of projects and candidates they maintain means that a database of high-level and specialist candidates. This exists for those specific positions that can prove a tough fit for even the most capable of options. E The team at Love Success is extremely experienced. Each Executive Consultant has an average of a decade or more in recruitment, with many of the Senior Executive Team amongst the founders of the business. The team ethic is incredibly strong, with over half of the Executive Consultants working together for over a decade, and a staff turnover of just 3% a year. This is the result of a carefully chosen team, picked with the same care that they apply to their clients. Candidates are selected from strong commercial recruitment background, an eye for diverse experience and specialist knowledge of specific industries. This is a team that works well together, consistently providing exceptional services to their clients. Something that sets Love Success apart from the crowd is the adoption of a shareholder policy. Aside from working well together, most of the staff are quite literally invested in the company and want to ensure that it remains the best in London. Approaching a decade of successful recruitment, it’s hard to imagine recruitment without a business like Love Success. Providing a boutique service to clients and candidates, this hard-working organisation offers something more personal than your typical agency. By getting to know candidates in-depth before putting them through the job hunting process, Love Success achieve incredibly satisfying results for all concerned. Ultimately, it is their way of working that has rewarded the company with a dazzling reputation and years of success. Contact: Jenelle Clifford Company: Love Success PLC Web Address: Telephone: 020 7870 7177 “Going forward, we are growing into other markets, expanding our marketing and looking for new talent. We are discussing opening satellite offices to reach different parts of the country. Also, we aspire to meet all of our borrowers and investors on a regular basis so that we can truly keep our relationships at a personal level.” Oct19392 Most Trusted Specialist PA Recruitment Agency 2020 - London