Global Excellence 2020

128 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 Acquisition International - Issue 10 2020 11 Jul20512 Sealing Success In Cybersecurity With so much of the world’s infrastructure reliant on the protection that cybersecurity affords, technology is an ever-increasingly important part of daily life. Herjavec Group understands that technology alone cannot prevent today’s cyberattacks, however. That is why the firm has been hard at work developing and delivering the full life- cycle of security services. Discover how that translates to the success of Herjavec Group, and why it has been named the Best in Identity & Access Management Solutions 2020 - UK ocusing solely on cybersecurity, Herjavec Group is at the forefront of protecting businesses out in the world today. At the core of protecting businesses is the understanding that they cannot be solely reliant on technology to prevent cyberattacks. Thus, the firm has worked hard to gain expertise in delivering the full life-cycle of security services, including but not limited to managed security services, and professional services, which contain a myriad of services within those categories. Managed security services include SOC Operations, Threat Detection and Management, and Security Technology Engineering, whilst the professional services include Advisory Services, Identity and Access Management, Technology Implementation, Threat Management, and Incident Response. Herjavec Group was founded in 2003 with the sole mission of providing cybersecurity products and services to enterprise organizations. This laser focus has enabled the firm to become a global leader and trusted advisor to customers with some of the largest and most complex environments in the world. By focusing solely on cybersecurity, Herjavec Group is able to allocate all budgets, talent, and operational force to deliver world-class services, deepen its technological capabilities, and remain product and technology-agnostic. This allows the firm to advise customers on the best products for their unique environments, helping them to maximize their current investments. Since its founding, Herjavec Group has expanded upon its agile global delivery model with more than three hundred employees located in office throughout Canada, the US, UK, and India. Now, it offers products and services to keep enterprise organizations secure whilst offsetting the industry’s greatest challenge: a severe labour shortage in cybersecurity. With five global Security Operations Centres, emerging technology partners, and a dedicated team of security specialists, Herjavec Group is well positioned as a trusted advisor in cybersecurity. Unlike much of the competition, Herjavec Group’s revenue is 100% cybersecurity-related. As a result, the firm can deliver a technology-agnostic approach to securing complex environments, and experience accelerated growth through a client- centric approach. Complex environments can be found in almost any industry across the world, which is why Herjavec Group support enterprise clients who operate globally in all major industries. This can include, but is not limited to, entertainment, finance, utilities, manufacturing, telecom, government, and healthcare. The security experts working at Herjavec Group are known for their depth of knowledge, speed, and agility within multi-technology environments, which then results in customized and flexible solutions. Each client is met wherever they are in their security journey, and the high-touch customer engagement model focuses on long-term partnerships that drive delivery excellence and continuous business value. Staff at Herjavec Group are core to the delivery excellence that the firm strives for, with their dynamic, entrepreneurial, and creative approach to every project, which is a direct reflection of the atmosphere that the leadership have cultivated. Collaboratively, the leadership have forged an atmosphere that encourages new ideas and fosters innovation, where employees are invested in and prepared for the five-year strategic plan that the firm has. That plan is centred around creating fanatical customers, building a client-proximity delivery model, expanding into new services and geographical markets, automating and digitizing services, and growing organically and through strategic acquisitions. One of the first steps in that plan for excellence came in June 2020, with the acquisition of Securience, a prominent Identity and Access Management (IAM), IT security consulting firm in the United Kingdom. The acquisition allowed Herjavec Group to expand its existing IAM capabilities by bringing in some of the industry’s top Identity Management talent and unique proprietary tools. Ultimately, Herjavec Group has the expertise to support organizations through Identity Assessment Services, Identity Solution Architecture, Technology Deployment, Role Mining, Privileged Access Framework Development, Security Program Integration, and Managed Identity Services. The firm’s Identity Services are designed to help clients put identity at the forefront of their cybersecurity strategy, and its excellence cannot be overstated. F Company: Herjavec Group Email: Website: Best in Identity & Access Management Solutions 2020 - UK