Global Excellence 2020

126 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 34 Issue 1 2021 Jul20416 Standing Out From The Crowd stablished in 2009, FlyingBinary is an accredited web science company who are committed to changing the world through deep technology. Going into further detail, Jacqui begins by providing us with a brief overview of the firm, as well as offers more of an insight into its diverse client base. “As a passionate web scientist, I oversee the delivery of the inclusion vision and allow my creative talents to explore a new approach to living graciously. Operating in partnership with other businesses, each partnership brings together a core team to solve business problems using a cloud and application model and the latest IT tools. Since launching, some of the clients we have worked with include G20 Saudi Arabia, NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group and BSI amongst others.” Operating in the field of cloud-based IT strategies can be a challenging experience given the current competition in the industry. However, as Jacqui goes on to explain, a bespoke range of services have allowed the firm to distance themselves from the crowd. “To give businesses a competitive advantage in this global marketplace, we can offer clients G-Cloud and Teccarto. G-Cloud is a click-buy experience for HM Government approved cloud services. Typically, we design cloud services and Crown Commercial Services vets and approves the services before they are added to the G-Cloud catalogue. Once they are available on the catalogue, all you have to do as a client is choose the service and buy the quantity you need. “In addition, Teccarto contains specific geographic data files which are designed to create enhanced contextual mapping visualisations with Tableau Software. The major benefit of Teccarto is that the data is available to every user in your organisation working with a Tableau desktop or server.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Jacqui signs off by highlighting the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for FlyingBinary in the years to come. “Since launching in 2009, we have made great strides as a business, however we are keen to keep moving forward so remaining at the forefront of emerging developments will be very important in the short-term. Beyond that as any growth occurs, we will look into the possibility of expanding our team further.” Company: FlyingBinary Contact: Jacqui Taylor Website: E Located in Essex, FlyingBinary is dedicated towards leading the way in the adoption of cloud-based IT strategies for both enterprises and SMEs to solve real business problems. Following her well-deserved success in Acquisition International’s 2020 Global Excellence Awards, we got in touch with CEO Jacqui Taylor to find out more about FlyingBinary and how Jacqui established a reputation for being one of the most influential web scientists in the UK today. The major benefit of Teccarto is that the data is available to every user in your organisation working with a Tableau desktop or server.” Most Influential Web Scientist 2020 – UK