Global Excellence 2020

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 123 28 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2020 he secret to success for any business lies in having a talented workforce that can deliver on a company’s aims and objectives. For fintech companies, this means hiring and recruiting individuals with the technical, sales or leadership abilities needed to grow their businesses. EC1 Partners is a specialist recruitment and headhunting agency, committed to ensuring that those fintech companies can access the skills and talent they need to keep delivering outstanding services across the world. From sales and marketing, to technology, operations and customer support, EC1 sources and places only the best candidates into a myriad of positions at both executive and employee level. With offices in London, New York, and Singapore, the firm engages with fintech companies all over the world, helping them to secure the best talent available. Whether a client requires an entry-level graduate looking to make a mark on the industry, or a boardroom- level executive to bring about transformational change, EC1 offers thorough searches, contingency, and interim assignments at all levels of seniority. Renowned in the industry for offering outstanding services, EC1 engages with fintech companies ranging from disruptive start-ups, to established heavyweights. Regardless of size or stature, the firm welcomes new clients with open arms and all the skills necessary to find talented professionals and candidates in the fintech industry. Delivering exceptional service has often resulted in repeat business for the team at EC1, as well as new opportunities through existing client recommendations. Specialists in fintech themselves, the consultants at the firm constantly display the highest levels of knowledge around the areas into which they recruit. This unparalleled insight offers an excellent understanding of the clients’ requirements for a specific role, enabling the EC1 team to create a shortlist of only the most high-quality candidates. Employees are at the heart of what makes EC1 successful, through delivery focus, market knowledge, and the capacity to build a relationship with both client and candidate. A significant trend that has impacted the world of recruitment is the increased recognition of the importance of hiring a diverse workforce. Not only does this ensure legal compliance but having a diverse workforce can improve team performance. Differing insights and backgrounds can help to explore different solutions to problems that might not have been considered. EC1 takes great pride in helping clients cultivate a diverse workforce, for example by removing names from CVs to help mitigate unconscious bias in the recruitment process. Wholly focused on the future for both itself and the FinTech market, EC1 is committed to expanding its global presence. Despite being active in helping clients on three continents already, the desire to grow globally is an admirable one, made even more impressive when considered in tandem with the fact that the firm is not shifting from its niche focus on recruitment and headhunting for fintech firms. As well as international growth and expansion, the business is always looking to improve the client and candidate experience, from increasing data insight to an improved digital journey. The FinTech industry is a fast-changing landscape with new developments constantly taking place. Recruiting and headhunting the best talent, EC1 Partners is committed to helping clients build dream teams in pursuit of global success for fintech firms everywhere. Contact: Amanda Connolly Website: Nov19263 Enabling Fintech to Flourish Technology has turned the financial services industry on its head, re-engineering and disrupting every financial process, from trading platforms to consumer finances. Ensuring that companies hire only the best in the business is EC1 Partners, the UK’s Best FinTech Recruitment and Headhunting Agency 2020. Discover more about the company as we profile it following its recognition in Acquisition International. T 2020’s Best FinTech Recruitment and Headhunting agency - UK